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Take this unique occasion to spend one day among the most famous super-cars in the world!  MOTORSTARS offers you first class tours to the most prestigious Italian sports car and motorbike manufacturers industries: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, Maserati, Ducati.

A new Ferrari museum in honor of Enzo Ferrari, the “MEF”, opened in Modena in March 2012. This Museum is completely dedicated to Enzo, the driving force behind the most famous supercar manufacturer in the world. Here aficionados can not only visit the old house where Enzo was born in 1898 but also admire a new gallery crafted from yellow aluminum, the color of the city of Modena. This gallery is filled with the journey through the key milestones of Enzo’s life, as well as exhibits explaining how Modena became the home to other supercar makers such as Maserati.

Please kindly note that we arrange visits to Enzo Ferrari museum only for people that join MOTORSTARS TOURS promoted on this website.




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