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Rajas Chaubal


A must do when in Italy

visited motorstars in nov 11. Francesco was just great.
he went out of his way to make this day really special for us. we did the ferrari and the lamborghini tours.

Francesco was very knowledgeable about the companies.
the drive option is a must. was worth the money.
had a awesome day.



Foxglove Cottage



Ben and Jamie


Dear Francesco,
Jamie and I had an excellent time touring Bologna and Modena with you. We could not of had a better time. We actually made it on our scheduled 5:23 train climbing on the first car on the platform. Once on the train, the door closed in 40seconds and we were on our way back home !!!... Excellent driving!!!... Also I wanted to say that your explanation of both ferrari and lamborghini histories gave us both a greater appreciation of each company. While I now understand and appreciate the ferrari racing heritage much more I also see why I am such a lamborghini fan. I hope to come back again next year and say hello. Perhaps if things go well I can order an aventador soon and we can take a few test drives after they build it :)
All the best
Ben and Jamie



Fam. Locke


A short note to say thank you for a great tour last Friday, October 28.

Your knowledge, interest and passion made this a very memorable trip for me and my family. Both my wife and daughter enjoyed the whole of the day - after having been skeptical before the tour.

I appreciate your efforts for us.

I will recommend your company to all of my friends.
A. Locke





If You Like Cars, Do This Tour
My family of four took a Motorcars tour in July.

My husband and 8 year-old son love cars, so I figured it would be a no-brainer. What I didn't expect was that my 12 year-old daughter and I would have a great time too.
We took the tour of the Laborghini factory and Ferrari Museum and went to see a private Maserati collection. What made this tour so memorable was our guide, Francesco Bini. He has so much passion for cars and so much knowledge, that it made for a fascinating and very fun experience. He made sure we got our money's worth and was great with kids.
I would highly recommend this tour for anyone traveling to "Motor Valley". We definitely got a much better experience taking this tour than trying to explore on our own.



Matt Mitro


Arrived back home on Friday night tired but unbelievably happy about our trip to Italy. You have a beautiful country filled with breath taking landscape, amazing food, rich history and many wonderful people. To say that it was the best trip of my life would be an understatement, I still can’t believe that we did all the things we did or saw everything we saw and I know Pat feels the same way.
Our visit to Italy was great in so many ways, but for me as a car guy I couldn’t have had a more informative or enjoyable day, definitely the highlight of my visit. Francesco, you may have ‘oil for blood’ but you are knowledgeable about all things Italian as well as automotive and your intelligence and charm came across throughout the tour. My wife Pat was worried she would get bored with all the ‘car stuff’ but she found your ability to make it ‘come alive’ kept it interesting throughout the day. We would and are recommending your tour to anyone as it is a great value and a practical fun way to learn about the Italian motorsport and supercar tradition. Thank you Francesco for a fantastic day!
I hope that everything is great at your end and I wish you all the best.



Dries De Brabander


at the end of august this year me and my girlfriend took a tour at Pagani, Ferrari museum and Lamborghini and it was worth every single euro! Francesco realy puts a lot of effort in making it fun for everybody, he knows loads of great story's and speaks great Englisch!

I would book at again if I where to go back to Italy!!
For the dutch speaking people: I wrote a litle report on a Belgian website about the tour to make you want to do it even more!

Greatings from Dries and Sanne from Belgium!!

Ferrari 1/3

Pagani 2/3

 Ferrari 3/3



Alan & Shaun

Hi Francesco
Thought you may like a couple of photos that we took during your fabulous tour of Ducati, Ferrari and the Lamboghini family private collection.
This was one of the most memorable days that we spent during our holiday in Italy.
Thank you so much once again for the fun day and for being the best tour host it has been our pleasure to meet.
Cheers Alan & Shaun






Hello Francesco,
Just wanted to drop you a quick message and say Thank You for your assistance. My drive in the 458 was very exciting. I only wish I had more time to spend in it. Maybe next time I will book for a longer period!

I will definitely contact you in the future if I am in Italy as I will most likely want to take part in this experience again.

I will also be referring any family/friends who are interested in such an experience.
Thank You again!



Janet and Phoenix

Ciao Francesco
I wanted to say Phoenix and I were so grateful to you.

We had a brilliant time and whenever Phoenix is asked about his Italy holiday, the first things he mentions are the tours around Ducati, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Pagani... We had a fabulous couple of days.
You are a fantastic guide, with your manner, your english and especially your knowledge! I have to say you were the best tour guide we had for the entire month we were in Italy. I have certainly mentioned you to friends and definitely my travel agent here in Australia, so hopefully a few more tourists will be heading your way...
I have attached our photos so feel free to use any comments or photos on your website...
Buona fortuna a voi e Motorstars
Migliori saluti
Janet and Phoenix



Fam. Visintin

Hi Francesco
your tour was amazing and just wanted to say thank you!
our tour consisted of the ferrari factory, lamborghini museum and the pagani factory, and of course a drive in a ferrari 458 italia. you did a great job of explaining everything throughout the factories and museums, it showed how dedicated you are to these tours and it was a great touch.
it was the highlight of my trip to italy and i have said nothing but good things about you and your tours, you did an amazing job! highly recommended to anyone who is travelling to Italy if you love cars or not.

Fam. Visintin



Jason Lyman


Buonasera Francesco,
I just wanted to thank you again Francesco for the tour on June 14/2011, it was easily the best day of my trip to Italy this year!
I was worried at first if I would actually be able to do the tour because I was going to be starting in Rome and needed to go to the Amalfi coast after the tour and everything seemed so far away. How ever you took the time to reassure me via email that I could easily book a train to the Bologna train station where you would pick me up to start the tour and drop me off once it was over in plenty of time to get back on the train to the Amalfi.
My tour consisted of a trip to the Lambo factory in Sant'Agata Bolognese, which was so amazing to see the cars being manufactured in person. Then I had the pleasure of a test drive in a Lamborghini 560 Superleggra which was just mind blowing !!
After that we ate a light lunch and then it was of to Ferrari in Modena in his fully air conditioned Mercedes van with video entertainment along the way, plus Francesco's great personal stories of both factories.
The Ferrari museum tour is a must see in order to understand the life blood of any Italian boy. After that I had booked a test drive in my favourite super car in the world the Ferrari 458 Italia .
This was best part of the whole tour for me, this Ferrari had my forearms still shaking with excitement after test driving it !!
There is nothing like telling people back home that you drove a Lamborghini and Ferrari through the actual streets of Italy. You can't get that experience any where else in the world.
I have travelled all over the world, done many tours and had to let everyone know if they have any reservations about this tour there is no need, I highly recommend it for everyone and you will not regret it!
Francesco is a great guy, fun to hang out with for the day and provides a top notch reliable service that will easily be the best tour you do in Italy !!!
Grazie mille,
Jason Lyman




Very Nice Tour says the Wife, Awsooome says the Husband
The best part, our group tour became a private tour since we were the only customers to book the tour that day... Keep in mind that this is the review of the wife who just played along Husband's passion of sports cars, Husband's review for sure would be much more passionated... Tour was very complete, we meet at Bologna train station at a very easy spot, Francesco told us we were the only couple that book the tour and gave us an excelent service, we appreciated the personal touch, He took us to Ferrarri and Lamborghini factories and gallerias, and he gave my husband a personal tour of the Ferrarri museum, he was very nice, profesional and very well prepared, on the road he would play some videos about the cars and it was very interesting. We weren't sure at first to book the tour because it is kinda expensive, but in the end I was glad we did because distance between plants and to Bologna train station is considerable so if we had rent a car to do the tour ourselves, for sure we would have get lost and waisted a lot of time trying to get to the factories, also Francesco provided us a lot of info, he has a lot of experience and he help us manage our time. We also took the drive experience option that my husband looooved and the factory visit at lamborghini that is very interesting for anyone even if not a sports cars passionated. Overall great experience.






Arrived back home on Friday night tired but unbelievably happy about our trip to Italy. You have a beautiful country filled with breath taking landscape, amazing food, rich history and many wonderful people. (put yourself at the top of the list) To say that it was the best trip of my life would be an understatement, I still can’t believe that we did all the things we did or saw everything we saw and I know Pat feels the same way.
Our visit to Italy was great in so many ways, but for me as a car guy I couldn’t have had a more informative or enjoyable day, definitely the highlight of my visit. Francesco, you may have ‘oil for blood’ but you are knowledgeable about all things Italian as well as automotive and your intelligence and charm came across throughout the tour. My wife Pat was worried she would get bored with all the ‘car stuff’ but she found your ability to make it ‘come alive’ kept it interesting throughout the day. We would and are recommending your tour to anyone as it is a great value and a practical fun way to learn about the Italian motorsport and supercar tradition. Thank you Francesco for a fantastic day!



Tim Robinson

Hi Francesco,
Just wanted to say thanks for a superb day seeing the Ferrari Museum, Pagani Factory and Lamborghini Collection plus of course, driving the 458! Your organisation was excellent and the extra information you added as we went round each place really added to the day.
I've already mentioned your tours to several friends who keep saying they must visit Maranello.
Keep up the good work and hopefully I'll come back to do the Lamborghini and Ducati Tours but not in August!
Tim Robinson, London




Edmund and Phoebe

Ciao Francesco!
Thanks for a wonderful tour of the Ferrari, Pagani and Lambourgini factories. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and the tour. Everything was extremely well planned and we really appreciate your attention to detail and easy going nature. Every second was thought through to keep our interest and we most appreciated the little gestures like getting us a bottle of water without us even asking and dropping us off at a more convenient location at the end of the tour. We can see why your tour is rated #1 and why you've been so successful throughout your jobs at the factories. Your passion and your dedication is truly evident and this was more than what we expected to experience!
Much thanks and all the best,
Edmund and Phoebe




Awesome Day Out

I had an awesome day out with Francesco. He is very passionate and knowledgeable on all the supercar factories you visit. He gave me a personal tour around the perimeter of the Ferrari complex, inside the Ferrari Galleria, Lamborghini Museum, inside the Lamborghini Factory and Pagani Factories.
The factories are spread out, but the minivan has a DVD player showing off documentaries on the factories and cars you are about to see to fill in the time.
You can also add on a Ferrari or Lamborghini test drive which I did.
If you do not want to stay in the area, you can do a return day trip on the train from Rome.

ImpulseIX  Australia




John G.

You provide an excellent service and I really enjoyed my time with you seeing Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani. I will recommend Motorstars to all my car buddies here in the US.
John USA



Liane M.

Must see for car enthusiasts!

On our 12 day trip to Italy, we had to make time for this tour because my husband has been into cars since he was a boy.

We named our daughter after a race car driver for heaven sake! We were not disappointed. Francesco was fantastic - he knows everyone, has worked in all the factories and did everything he could to make us happy.

Everything was so well done - from the videos about the factories and the surrounding area in his beautiful Mercedes van, to a scenic lunch in Marinello, it was an experience any gearhead will remember forever.

Our 18 and 21 year old daughters even had a good time - though this tour is best if you really care about cars! As a bonus you get to see the surrounding area of a part of Italy many tourists don't get to see.

Bologna was a great city to stay in - and great food!

Thanks Francesco - we had a blast!

Liane M. , Atlanta USA




Waine and Wendy

I am sorry that it has taken so long to contact you after the day of my dreams.
The days pass so quickly.
I cannot thank you enough for the magnificent tour that will stay with me forever.
I have recommended your tour to everyone and anyone I have met .
I am happy to say that some have taken the tour since.
My wife Wendy had not the feelings that runs through our veins, but after this day she too has felt the passion.
With your guidance and the chance to drive an open top Ferrari through the streets of Maranello I am in ecstasy.
Thank you.
Waine and Wendy Paterson
South Australia.




Fam. Hayes

Fantastic Experience

Francesco, our family had a wonderful series of visits to Ducati, Ferrari, and Lamborghini today.

Your knowledge was impeccable and the service and transport was flawless.
Keith, Pam, Marc, and Todd Hayes
Canton, GA. USA



Joshua & Gina

Hello Francesco,
I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that your tour was the highlight of my 2 week trip to Italy!

The Lamborghini, Ferrari, Pagani tour was AMAZING.

For anyone on the fence about this tour you NEED to do it. Seriously it was amazing even for my wife and sister in-law who aren't that into cars.

The Test drive is an amazing option.

I drove the LP560 and every time I blipped the throttle on the down shift or held it wide open on 1-2-3 shift I was left with a sense of euphoria.

Next time I'm in Italy Ill be signing up for another tour, this really was the best part of my vacation and I can't say enough great things about Francesco and the amazing service he offers.
Joshua & Gina Angley




Sam & Teun


Hello Francesco,
The tour this Monday was an absolute delight, thank you.
The drive in a Ferrari California was a blast; the tours of the Ferrari Museum and Pagani & Lamborghini factories very interesting.
Seeing the pre-production assembly line of the new Aventador at Lamborghini and the surprise show-up of the new Pagani Huayra topped it all off.
My son and I enjoyed this extremely well organized tour, and especially appreciated your good care, detailed and informed explanations, taking pictures, "warm-up" videos during transfers, and making sure everybody had a good time. We certainly did!
Grazie mille!
Sam & Teun Hendriks






Dear Francesco,
It was a pleasure meeting you.

We had a great time and the total experience was unforgettable.
We look forward to meeting you again in the near future and visiting some other factories such as Pagani, Ducati etc.
Meanwhile, I am forwarding your contact info to our travel agent in India.

I hope that this will increase business for you from India.





Just wanted to say that we thoroughly enjoyed our day with you on Thursday, and greatly appreciate the quick tour of Bologna that you threw in!

We had a fantastic time and I will highly recommend your services!




Nicole, Martine,

Jeanne, Christophe,

Alexis, Antoine

et Léa

Cher Francesco,
Quelle journée fantastique tu as fait passer à notre famille de 7 personnes.
Organisation impeccable, timing parfait (nous avions choisis le Tour 23) et grande connaissance de toutes ces voitures de rêves et de l’histoire des marques (Francesco connaît tout le monde !) ont fait que cette journée restera gravée dans nos mémoires.
Allez-y sans crainte et profitez de ce guide d’exception pour passer un moment de rêve.

Dear Francesco,
How fantastic day did you have organized for us! Very good organization, perfect timing (we had chosen the Tour23) and strong knowledge of all of these dream cars and the brands’ history (Francesco knows everybody in the factory and
showroom!) made this day would be engraved in our memories.
Go without fear and enjoy with this exceptional guide to spend a perfect moment.

Nicole, Martine, Jeanne, Christophe, Alexis, Antoine et Léa



Sue Schmidt

One of the best tours of Bologna area - not to be missed

Since I am obsessed with exotic cars, I knew that I had to book this tour while staying in Bologna for several weeks. Well, the tour was all I'd hope for and much more. The website was easy to navigate, and the owner and tour director, Francesco Bini was prompt in e-mail responses and booking. There were many different tour packages available, depending on personal preferences, and had something for everyone. I had included the Lamborghini factory tour, which had just resumed April 1 (Had been closed due to the installation of a new assembly line for the new and awesome Aventador). I also liked that I could pay via PayPal. I was picked up promptly at the planned time and location, and as the day unfolded it was like a dream come true.
We visited the Ducati store and then factory tour first. It was led by an excellent tour guide, familiar with Ducati bikes and production. From there we went directly to Maranello.



Cole Rosson

I have spent the last three months studying in Italy. Over that time I've many amazing experiences, but few match the day I spent with you at Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani. Every visit was better than the next and my drive in the new Ferrari 458 was unbelievable. I am a car fanatic and amateur racer, but I highly recommend any of the Motorstars tours to anyone, car lover or not. Seeing the working behind the production of the new Lamborghini or the intricate and timely production of Pagani will interest anyone. Francesco does a brilliant job giving information and creating a pleasant atmosphere throughout the day. An incredible day for a reasonable price, something I suggest no one pass up.

Thanks so much Francesco.
Regards, Cole Rosson



Daniel Carvalho

Dear Francesco,
I need to tell that if the 9/4/2011 was a special day because I realized my dream of drive a Ferrari and know Lamborghini factory 90% of this success day remains to you. You are such a special friend doing exactly what you do best being gentle with people.

Thanks once again for this special day.I strongly recommend MOTORSTARS as the best tour service for lovers of cars.

Especial a todos os brasileiros que queiram ir visitar as fábricas dos sonhos, procurem o Francesco. Além do conhecimento técnico o cara tem os contatos certos para tornar seus momentos ainda mais especiais.

Forte abraço Francesco and remember when you came to Brazil let me know.
Best Regards

Daniel Carvalho


Tim and Jonah

Dear Francesco,
I wanted to let you (and anyone else that reads your "feedback page") that the Motorstars Tour and personalized treatment by you was phenomenal! My wife and I have been to Europe on 8 occasions, 2 of which have been in Italy. This year, we brought our 12 year old with us for his first trip to Europe. Since we were based in Florence with plenty of day trips planned, I wanted to make things special for him (and me!) by visiting at least one Italian automobile factory.

While researching tours, I came across the Motorstars website. Not only would we be able to visit the Ferrari factory town of Marinello, on your tour we would also have the option of visiting Lamborghini, Pagani, Ducati, and others. All we had to do was take a 30 minute train ride from Florence to Bologna, and we left the rest up to you.
You certainly did not disappoint us, and our time in the Motor Valley of Italy was quite special. You are an expert in your field, you are a very good tour guide, and your passion is quite evident. You went above and beyond to make us feel special and we received no less than first class service and treatment the entire day.
The price we paid when compared to the value we received was well worth every cent! Many thanks again from both of us! As requested, I have included a couple of our many photos from the fun-filled journey with you.





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