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Cindy C.



“Une superbe journée pour les passionnés de belles mécaniques!”

Ma femme m'a offert pour mes 30 ans les visites des usines + musées Ferrari, Ducati et Lamborghini. Nous avons passé une journée fantastique aux côtés de Francesco! Je recommande vivement à tous les passionnés! À faire une fois dans sa vie:) Nous y retournerons prochainement pour aller cette fois chez Pagani et Maserati , et aussi pour avoir le plaisir de revoir Francesco , tellement sympathique et souriant! Pour résumer, que du bon! vous pouvez y aller vous ne serez pas déçus!
Ps: petit clin d œil pour Valentina de chez Lamborghini, qui a nous a fait visiter le musée avec beaucoup d explications, de passion et de gentillesse!


Anne S




“A Great Day”

My husband and his mate had a great day at Motorstars when we were staying in Bologna.

When they arrived back at our hotel you couldn't wipe the smiles off their faces.

They both said it was well worth the money and they got some amazing photos.


James Bird



I just wanted to drop you an e-mail now that I am back home in the UK to thank you very much for your fantastic tour around all the factories last Tuesday. It has been a life long dream to visit Ferrari in Marranello. & drive a Ferrari on Italian soil, Now I've done it, thanks again for the great service you provided on the day & I can guarantee I will recommend you to all my petrol head friends here in England.

Hope to see you again in the future as is love to see the Ducati factory & get to see the Lamborghini factory when it open up again to the public


Carlo & Monica Pace




We wanted to say that we had a fantastic time on our tour and it was by far one of the best tours we have ever been on. You are very knowledgeable about the industry and the access you had to the Ferrari, Pagani and Lamborghini factory was great and we were so impressed with what we saw and learnt on the day. We had such a fun time!
Carlo has not stopped talking about the drive he had in the Lamborghini Superlegga since that day not to mention the amount of times he has watched the video.
The tour was well organised and you are very professional and you should be very proud of this business that you run.
We have recommended your tour to all our friends and family.
Thank you for the great memories!



(New Zeland)


“Best Experience”

I had an amazing day going to Pagani, Lamborghini and Ferrari.

The tour wasn't available on the one day I had but Francesco put it together and made it happen.

His service was exceptional and everything ran on time and his knowledge is unbelievable making the tour very informative and fun.

I highly recommend this tour.







 “Perfect Day”

In a 12 day trip to Italy this was the most memorable experience that we had. Francesco met us at the train station on time and he took us to the Lamborghini museum and the Ferrari plant and museum. When we booked the trip we did not plan on booking the optional drive but on the day of the visit he offered it to us again and we decided to do it since it was great weather.
Francesco was very accommodating and polite telling us not just about the cars but also about the region and himself. The tour that we had the Lamborghini museum was the best. He had scheduled a private tour for us with an awesome lady who went above and beyond for customer service. Just like with most museums they tell you to not touch the cars but the tour lady who Francesco booked for us, actually got Lamborghini to unlock the Diablo for me and to take a look at it.
Francesco we found out that he actually worked at the Ferrari plant and the Lamborghini plant so he has made some connections and is able to really get his customers a first rate experience. He knew what to do to make the trip special and was willing to do whatever was needed to make it happen.
This is a tour that I would highly recommend to everyone who is interested in the Italian super cars. Francesco is not just the driver but is also the owner of the company and is wanting to make your experience memorable.  


Ricky S



 “Amazin Experience!”

What an amazing day!

Francesco KNOWS everyone in these factories.

You're going to get an experience most normal people wont get.

He'll take care of you and make sure you have an awesome time.

Super accommodating and extremely information about the supercar industry!


Nic H



 “An Experience You Will Never Forget”

If you are in Italy, heading to Bologna to do this tour is a MUST.

We went on tour 35. Pagani, Ferrari, Lamborghini. All 3 were amazing.

You even get an opportunity to take a Ferrari for a drive, I chose the Ferrari California for 20 minutes. What a 20 minutes it was. What makes the day though, is the tour guide, Francesco. His knowledge of the manufacturers was on another level.

You get driven around in a comfortable Mercedes van, lunch is provided at a restaurant next to the Ferrari Museum.

Would 100% do again when I return to Italy. 


Chad W



 “Best day of our 2 week trip!”

I cannot begin to say how great this tour was. We booked about a month in advance and as things got closer, I realized I had booked the wrong date. That was no problem as I was able to change without a problem via email. We took the train from Rome to Bologna and as promised, Francesco was waiting for us! Fortunately for us, we were the only 2 that had booked the tour for the day and so that meant we got a PRIVATE tour for the price of a group tour! The Mercedes van that we rode in was impeccably clean and even had interesting videos about the cars and the region we could watch if wanted. We were given a form with many lunch options to fill out and then got our VIP badges. Francesco is very friendly and personable. We talked the entire way to our first destination Lamborghini! Once we arrived at Lambo, we met with our private museum tour guide Claudia. We had an amazing time with her laughing and joking about the cars and even getting the keys to a Diablo so we could inspect the interior. After a trip through the gift shop, we headed for Ferrari. Francesco was such a delight to converse with during the drives and is very proud of his home region, telling us about all of the foods and products that they make and pointing out interesting sights. We arrived at Ferrari and 1st up was a bus tour of the factory. We were surprised when prior to boarding, the Ferrari tour guide called for any "Motorstars VIPs" and we were told to board the bus first. (It felt like first class on an airplane. After the bus tour, we hit the museum with our audio guides and the gift shop - with the Motorstars VIP badge, we got 15% off anything at the museum shop. After the museum Francesco took us to a café and again there was a table all set up and reserved for us. It was a good lunch and we had plenty of time to relax and enjoy it. Because there were only 2 of us, we had ample time before our train back. We stopped at the big Ferrari store for some more shopping and Francesco even found an ATM for us and stopped. We had not initially intended to drive any of the cars, but after being surrounded by Lambos and Ferraris all day, you get the bug. Francesco took us to an outfit that had the 2 cars we wanted to drive - Me a Ferrari 458 and my partner a Lambo. The outfit he took us to was awesome (they are for another review) Francesco took our phones and snapped all kinds of pictures of us in the cars and even got some of us when we arrived back after our driving. This was a magical day for us and will always be in my memories. There was not 1 thing I would have done differently and the service and value we got was amazing. The cost of the tour included ALL of our admissions for the museums and tours, Lunch and the VIP treatment. (The driving was obviously extra). The cost does not include tips, and please remember that these people do not get paid huge salaries, so if you receive good service, throw them a tip. Especially the private tour guides at the museums. Next trip, we want to do the Pagani, Ducatti and Maserati tour. Thank you Francesco for giving us a forever memory.



Claire M




 “A must for petrol heads!!!”

We booked Motorstars 'Tour 36' to tie in with our trip to San Marino Moto GP. Everything about the tour was extremely professional. We were collected at the train station in Bologna on time and met by Francesco who was extremely helpful and friendly, explaining every part of the tour. The tour was small with only 8 participants, making it a personal experience and by the end of the tour everyone had become good friends. The Mercedes Vito was comfortable and we were shown videos about each of the tours and manufacturers prior to arriving at the factories. The Ducati factory tour is highly recommended. We had the opportunity to walk around the factory floor and view a wide selection of Ducati models going through the production process. The museum was also very interesting with all Ducati superbikes and Moto GP bikes throughout the years.
The Ferrari factory is only available to tour for owners however, the Ferrari museum and tour of the factory grounds comes highly recommended. Lunch was provided at a local dinner which was excellent. An opportunity to drive various super cars was provided after lunch. This is a great one off opportunity to drive Lamborghinis and Ferraris around the streets of Maranello. The Lamborghini museum was interesting however the factory floor tour is only available after. March 2015. We would highly recommend this tour.





“Fun for All and a very professional outfit”

Go to the review by BSFord....... Everything he said was absolutely true. I bought this tour for my husband (bucket list experience) but Francesco brought it to life. I won't repeat everything that's included (including lunch!) but do want to add that our day was so well crafted by this company - comfortable Mercedes people mover with background videos of each factory as we were travelling and then a video of the the Emilia-Romagna Region to take us home.

Thank you Francesca - a memorable day.



Mark T




 “Great day had by all.”

I booked this tour back in April because we just happened to be in Bologna and my son (13 yr old) is a car fanatic, so I thought it would be a nice birthday present! I had come across these reviews when looking for things to do whilst in Bologna.
The day could not have gone smoother, we were all (me, wife son and daughter) picked up from Bologna Train station exactly at 9 am as stated and then collected 3 others on route.
We first visited Pagani and just looking at all those super cars had my son beaming from ear to ear. It was amazing you can get so close to the action in the factories.
Next it was Ferrari museum which is a different operation all together, much more commercial (and busier) but equally good, and with the bus tour around the site.
Lunch flew by with the conversation with our 3 companions and then it was time for a drive, which 4 of us had opted for. This was the highlight of my day.
Finally we visited the Lamborghini museum (the factory was closed for the summer) and a guided tour through the history of Lamborghini.
Francesco even dropped us off out our hotel at 6pm, after one of the best days of our holiday and even the wife and daughter enjoyed it immensely and found it interesting.





“Not Just for Rev-Heads!”

This was a special birthday present for my partner. We caught a train to Bologna where David picked us up from the station. Fantastic! We were the only ones doing the tour that day, so we had our own personal guide. First stop Ferrari Museum, which was fantastic. There was an exhibition on Ferrari in America. Lots of photo opportunities. Red, red,red everywhere. It's a very stylish museum. Lunch at the Ferrari cafe over the road was also provided. Next we drove to Modena where we saw the Pagani show-room. I'm not a car freak but these two cars, the Zonda and the Cinque were pretty special. Again lots of photo ops. A lovely Italian Signorina took us into the 'Atellier' (studio) where the Pagani craftspeople were doing all the carbon-fibre moulding of dashboards etc. They take themselves very seriously at Pagani, it's like hallowed ground, super interesting. There was time to kill before Lamborghini so David took us to a very pleasant Public Garden/Park. I loved the Lambo museum! SO many beautiful cars, I didn't know where to look. We had booked a tour of the factory assembly line, which I cannot recommend strongly enough. This was SO interesting to see the people at work, and to find out so many interesting facts about the Lamborghinis. It takes 7 complete skins of premium calf leather to upholster the interior of one car. We were so lucky to show an interest in the quality control hide inspector's work with the leather, because she gave us a couple of samples, which had the Lamborghini Logo embossed on them! What a souvenir. I was greatly impressed by the uiet, relaxed yet serious way the workers went about their business. They knocked-off early because they were ahead of schedule for that day. All the cars produced are already ordered and paid for and there is a waiting period of about 9 months. (like a pregnancy!) All in all it was a great day, well worth the money, because for us it was a once in a lifetime thing. David and Francesco BBlini are the stars of Motorstars!








Sometimes a man makes the right choice…

I was coordinating a present trip for my motor-enthusiast son.
It had to be a good call and a successful tour as there is no second shot for such experiences.
Luckily I had a good hunch regarding Francesco and Motorstars:
Perfectly organized and scheduled tour, Francesco was continuously attentive to the team convenience and questions, very knowledgeable and informative regarding the sites, the cars, the brands and the industry, and evidently very experienced and passionate regarding conducting the tour perfectly (for us the Pagani-Ferrari-Lambo combination was clearly the right cocktail). Francesco is a genuine 'back stage ticket' to the supercar industry.
The extra charge we chose for adding the driving experience was indeed 'heavy' but by all means a remarkable experience (a grain of salt – it would have been in place if driving experience business gave the photos they take with no further charge, but that is not up for Motorstars to decide).

Most recommended.





“Excelente opción para los fanáticos de los autos”

Gracias a la recomendación de Mark, llegamos con Francesco , un excelente guía. Nos quedamos de ver a las 9:30 y pasó muy puntual por nosotros. Tuvimos la fortuna de ser los únicos ese día, lo que facilitó los traslados. Francesco tenía ya todo organizado. Entramos primero al museo Ferrari,al salir nos invitó unas bebidas para refrescarnos ya que el calor era bárbaro. Contratamos la experiencia de manejar un Ferrari como sorpresa para mi marido y fue lo mejor que pudimos hacer. Francesco nos llevó hasta la pista de Modena para verlo conducir ese gran Ferrari y nos regresó al museo donde nos ofreció una rica comida. De allí fuimos a la fábrica de los lamborghini. ¡Qué gran experiencia, es impactante!
Si desean tener un día de autos no duden en contratar la empresa de Francesco "Motorstars"
Inmediatamente contesta todas tus dudas y las nuestras fueron muchas.
Gracias Francesco por esta gran experiencia, esperamos poderla vivir nuevamente







 “An experience like no other”

Stop reading - go book your tickets and then come back to read the rest. Go on...I'll wait.

Wow! That's the best way I can describe this experience. Like others, I had a lot of heartburn with the price - I was also paying for my two young sons (7 & 11) to come with me - so this wasn't just entertainment, but an investment. It was all worth it. While the tour is what you're paying for, it's Francesco who deserves all the credit - what a great guy. He was so thoughtful - he brought snacks for my kids and I think he may have had hand in the Lamborghini tour guide giving my kids seat leather from the headrest embossed with the Lamborghini logo - what a memorable souvenir.

We took Tour #36 (Ducati, Ferrari & Lamborghini) and had an absolute blast. It was my family of three and another dad with his 16yo, so very exclusive. Prior to arriving at each location, we were able to watch a NatGeo special on each company. Additionally, Francesco was terrific about both answering questions and even teasing some questions out of us.

We started our tour at Ducati with a museum tour, followed by an in-depth factory tour. The museum follows the history of the company, from making electric razors to present day competition bikes. They have a factory tour from frame to finish to shipping crate. You really get a sense for what quality and craftsmanship goes into each bike.

Ferrari had a huge guest facility and museum. The town grew up around Ferrari, so everything, and I mean everything is Ferrari. They have something like 5 Ferrari stores in town - one Lambo store across from the museum too. This was a very commercialized tour where they had very professional displays and tons of ways to spend money - simulators for adults and kids to drive or even practice pit stops by changing tires. You can also drive a large selection of Ferraris and one Apple Green Lamborghini. All cost extra, including photos and videos of you driving. A great experience, but without the factory floor tour, a bit too much selling. I will admit the one big highlight was taking the tour of the track - it was raining, so cars weren't on it. What did that mean for us? Well, they let the bus run the track - the guide gave very specific details about each turn and which course it was modeled after and who held track records.

Finally, we arrived at Lamborghini. Magnificent - they saved the best for last. A small, but very nice museum where the cars spoke for themselves - no need for fancy displays and selling 'experiences'. The best part was the factory tour, which Francesco told me was only possible because he scheduled it in January - 7 months earlier. Rumor has it that they may not continue to offer this, but even so, the next one you can get isn't until 2015.

The factory was spotless - I mean when people say you could eat off the floor, they're talking about a dirty floor compared to this one. They have two assembly lines (Aventador and Huracán) and during our tour we saw 4-5 come off the line and drive by us. This was really cool because we saw completely raw bodies roll in from the carbon fiber facility and the completely finished car roll out, along the way stopping where the tires, spoilesr, interior and engine are installed. The upholstery shop was impressive - it takes 15, you heard right, 15 cows for one car. The tour guide would occasionally pull a work order to show us what country the vehicle was shipping. Let's just say that Asia has some rich cats.

Now aren't you glad I waited for you to book this tour. It's well worth it.





“Amazing day!”

My 14 yr old son and I took this tour in July. We had Francesco as a tour guide and he met us on time at the main plaza (our hotel isn't on his pick up list). He shows videos in the van about the place you are going to; in our case Lamborghini, Ferrari and Ducati. Our only disappointment was that we had booked the tour that included Pangani but about a week before our tour received an email from Francesco that there were management issues at Pangani and we couldn't go there. He substituted Ducati. I believe the change was beyond his control and although we would have preferred Pangani appreciated that he was able to substitute Ducati so we could still have the full day experience.
The van is immaculate and comfortable. There were only 8 people on our tour. We began at Lamborghini and had paid extra to tour the factory floor. We then toured the museum and had time for pictures and a visit to the gift shop. We drove to Ferrari and took the tour (on a large Ferrari bus with their tour guide) and got to see the wind tunnel, test track and more. We had lunch then toured the Ferrari museum - again with time for photos and gift shop. After that was the highlight for my son - a ride in a Ferrari. He went with their driver (I'm sure the experience would have been considerably more boring and slow if I would have drove :) ).
Our last stop was Ducati where we toured the factory floor and then the museum. The factory was really close to closing time so there wasn't too much happening but we still got the basic idea. Francesco told us later that he had made special arrangements for our group as usually their last tour was much earlier.
I am NOT a car person; at all and by the very end of the day I was a bit overwhelmed with car info (although a lot of the info was interesting). That being said, I will forever treasure the memories of this day and how happy and excited my son was. I would do it again in a heartbeat just for that. My son of course says it was the best day of our entire trip!



Levi C




“There's a reason there's so many good reviews!”

Like many of the reviews on this site have mentioned, I too have spent much of my childhood dreaming about Italian super cars. There is no doubt this is up there with one of the best days of my life!
I have written my review of the day on my blog - please go ahead and read it if you like (video included):

Thank you again Francesco - you're a legend!


Janet Q


“A wonderful day!”

My husband thoroughly enjoyed the full day tour of Ferrari Museum, Pagani Factory, and the Lambourghini assembly line.

The highlight would have to be the test drive of the Ferraris, which was a real buzz.

Francesco has a great knowledge of all things Italian Sportscar, and it was wonderful to share in his passion.

It's very full day, but well worth it.


Lynn N.




 “Fantastic Tour”

My husband and son went on this tour and had a great time!

They went to Ferrari and did a test drive for 20 minutes (the highlight for my husband!).

They also had a tour of Lamborghini by Mr. Lamborghini!!

What a treat!

A whole hour of discussion about how his Uncle started the company, background on the cars and his personal collection! WOW.

The tour was very professional and timely.

The guys said this was the best part of their European Vacation!!





“Dream Realised”

This tour is a must if you love cars. Did the Motorstars Tour with Francesco and can recommend it highly. His enthusiasm, professionalism and knowledge is truly incredible. Went through the Ferrari Museum, Factory & Test Track, Pagani Factory & Lamborghini Museum. My husband also got to drive a Ferrari for 10 mins with me as a passenger & then 10 mins in a Lamborghini. Haven't been able to wipe the smile off his face.

Thoroughly enjoyed our day.

Thanks again Francesco.


Tony, Marta & Alex





“A Petrol Heads dream”

This visit had been on my bucket list for at least 10 years. I had originally planned to drive to Italy with my Wife and Son and do and independent trip but when I read about Francesco and his MOTOR STARS tours, I knew this was the answer.
Francesco has worked at Ferrari, Lamborghini & Pagani and set up this business about 10 years ago. He has lived and worked in the UK and speaks perfect English.
You couldn't meet a more likeable and honest guy, he has a wealth of knowledge about the Italian motor industry and also does trips to Ducati and Maserati. We flew to Bologna and stayed at a hotel recommended by Francesco. He picked us up at 8.45 sharp in his Mercedes sprinter taxi equipped with a DVD featuring the factories we were to visit ( trip #35)
We started off at Lamborghini and enjoyed a timed guided tour of the factory and museum which was amazing. This was followed by a visit to Ferrari including lunch on site. We were a little disappointed with the number of Ferrari models missing from the Museum ( not Francesco's fault).
No Enzo, F12, 458, or La Ferrari ( only a mock up) but still plenty to see including a bus ride through the Ferrari complex and across Fiorina test track ( no photos allowed!!)
We ended the day at Pagani and Francesco gave us a tour of the showroom ( 2 models) and the new Factory. ( I thought I had died and gone to Heaven ) at least 20 Hurayas in various stages of finish.
At €240 each including the two factory tours ( Ferrari NOT allowed unless you are an owner) this is not cheap BUT I didn't begrudge a single penny. I couldn't have done it myself in one day with the various timed visits etc and the relationship Francesco has with each company made it worth every penny.
Highly recommend to any like minded petrolhead !!



Chuck S.


“Simply excellent”

If you're a car nut (or live with one), this tour is a must! I took his "Tour #35" today, which included all the following: being picked up in Bologna and driven to all the sites: a place to test drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini (optional extra cost), the Ferrari Museum, a Ferrari-provided bus tour through the factory, lunch (at a simple, casual cafe), the Pagani showroom and factory, the Lamborghini museum and factory, and then transportation all the way back to my hotel in Bologna. All the museum entrances, as well as lunch & water were included. (There are some other extra-cost options, which you can see on his web site.) He was just such a gentleman, and so friendly. Our group was small, just me and a nice young couple from Bulgaria and their very young son, and I noticed how Francesco went out of his way to be especially thoughtful towards the boy, letting him "help" open the gullwing doors on the Pagani, etc.
With Ferrari, unless you're an owner, it's difficult to get a tour inside the actual production area. Instead, you get a Ferrari-provided & guided bus through the complex, and on this day we were lucky to be able to take a lap around the Fiorano track. At Pagani and Lamborghini, however, you are right there in the production area, up close to the action. At Pagani, Francesco was our guide. At Lamborghini, they provided a capable factory guide.

Highly, highly recommended!


Mark H.



"Wow! Worth every penny"

I grew up with high performance cars. My brother holds two world speed records at Bonneville and my son and I are building a car to make a run at another record. So when our family started to plan a Spring Break trip to Italy, my first thought was... "The land of Ferrari and Lamborghini!" My son added, "Pagani too!"

Google led to a bunch of tour companies -- and then I stumbled across Motorstars. Frankly, it sounded too good to be true. Insider tours of the Lamborghini and Pagani assembly lines, with a guy who worked at both companies??!! The TripAdvisor reviews were all 5-stars, however, so I sent them an email. Francesco replied, and we arranged a private tour.

We caught the high speed train from Florence to Bologna and Francesco met us there. In a word, it was a FANTASTIC day. Okay, another word: INCOMPARABLE!

Here are some highlights and tips:

> Your expert guide: Francesco is the most knowledgeable, experienced and interesting guide you could possibly hope for. He knows every company, every car, every engine, every part etc. Three examples: He walked us through the Pagani supercar production line and explained the composite production process, we toured the new Lamborghini family museum before it opened -- with Fabio Lamborghini, and Francesco answered every obscure question I asked about Ferrari F1 cars. Plus, he's a great guy.

> Ferrari tours: As others have noted, you cannot tour the Ferrari production line unless you own one, and the "factory tour" is boring. (We skipped it.) The Ferrari museum, however, is very interesting. You can get up-close-and-personal with classic Ferraris, memorable race cars and new F1 designs. I took close-up photos of the aerodynamic features and suspension design of a recent F1 car, for example. You cannot touch, of course -- but the cars are inches away. The museum was much more 'personal' than I expected.

> Lamborghini tours: The Lambo factory was closed, unfortunately, during the Easter week. Francesco arranged a private tour of the new Lamborghini family museum, however (before it opened) with Fabio Lamborghini as our guide! This was very interesting; Fabio showed us Ferruccio Lamborghini's first race car, the first tractors his factory built, his helicopter prototype, record breaking boat and monster 12 cylinder engine, the model for the Countach, etc. I had no idea what an entrepreneur and engineering genius Ferruccio was -- a real Steve Jobs. Don't miss this!

> Pagani tour: Another major highlight. Francesco explained the history of the company, Horacio Pagani's early days in Argentina, how he got started in Italy, the Zonda and Zonda R, the success of the new Huayra -- and then he guided us through the production line. We saw each step in the carbon composite production process, the assembly process for the cockpit, suspension, engine, etc. We were also lucky: the famous Zonda R that holds the 6:47.50 course record at Nurburgring was in the shop. This record was set in 2010 and has not been beaten. Pagani's engineering is amazing; the definition of "supercar".

> Autodromo di Modena: Francesco can also arrange a chance to drive a Ferrari or Lambo on a real race track, with an expert driver as a coach. This is an expensive option, but we figured it was a once-in-a-lifetime for my 17 year old son and I, so... Am I glad we said, "Yes!" I drove a Ferrari F430 Scuderia from the town to the Autodromo di Modena track -- country roads without much traffic. Then the track's expert coach took me on a "how to" run, followed by a couple of laps with me in the driver's seat. The feel and sound of 500 horsepower in a real Scuderia, on a real track. Hallelujah! They also arranged for a couple of laps for my son and his friend with their driver at the wheel. My son's eyes were like saucers -- a day he will remember when he is my age!

A few photos are attached. If you read to the end of this review, you know what I am going to say next: BOOK IT NOW! Francesco's tour is worth every dollar / pound / euro.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I hope this is helpful.

Mark Hays




Experience of a lifetime!

Absolutely amazing.

For car fans this is the best you can get. Ferrari, Pagani and Lamborghini. Francesco is an excellent guide with inside knowledge and lots of experience working for the various car companies.

Walking through the Pagani factory was truely amazing and driving a Ferrari 458 Spider the highlight. Made our dreams come true!


Shannon S.





Amazing Tour

Our sons are car enthusiasts, so when we planned our trip to Italy we knew we'd have to visit Ferrari and Lamborghini. At first I was hesitant to book this tour because of the cost, but it was completely worth it. Francesco is obviously very passionate about what he does. Even my daughter and I, who know nothing about cars, were excited about the subject matter by the end of the day! Definitely pay the extra money for the Lamborghini factory floor tour. It was a highlight. Also, my husband drove the Ferrari California and the smiles on my sons' faces from the backseat made my entire day! Even the rides to and from the various sites are expertly choreographed with informative videos to watch during the trip. I can't say enough about this tour and the wonderful guide. Book it! You won't regret it.


Alberto P.


I wanted to thank you very much for such a pleasant day. We had a wonderful time and loved the experience. I will indeed come back for the Lamborghini factory tour!
I also wanted to congratulate you for such an impeccable and well organized day. I will indeed recommend you with my many friends and family, and let them know if they ever go to Modena or Bologna, Motorstars is a must!

Thank you for such a wonderful day!







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