Visit Ferrari factory and museum from Bologna Modena Italy

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Visit Ferrari factory and museum from Bologna Modena Italy

My wife recently bought me a silver wedding experience, that was well worth waiting 25 years for. We flew to Bologna for a long weekend to see the San Marino Grand Prix. But the real thrills were not on the Sunday at Imola. On the Friday morning before the race weekend, two fellow enthusiasts and I were picked up by the company's owner, Francesco, in his immaculate VW Sharan. Francesco is a small, passionate Italian with petrol for blood. He has worked in composites for Lamborghini factory, Ferrari and the Toyota racing team. He has fabulous contacts, great stories and enough English to tell them with charm and verve. Everywhere we went, shouts of 'Ciao Francesco!' followed us. First stop was the Lamborghini museum in Sant'Agata. We went around the immaculate factory in the company of a charming PR lady. Next stop was Pagani, a tiny but hugely impressive factory where you get to see cars lovingly built at a rate of 15-20 pa. Ferrari seemed as big as owners Fiat after that, with a huge museum and an absolute 'no' to seeing inside the factory itself, Ferrari will only let customers in the factory. We were consoled by a light lunch in their cafeteria and a chance to see racers thrown around the Fiorano test track. We finished off at Ducati, where the factory has a grimey, old fashioned atmosphere but feels very real. They were gorgeous. Or maybe the day had just got to me. I couldn't put a price on such a unique day. The only really expensive part of the day was the clothes shopping my wife did while I was on the tour.
David - UK

This tour was absolutely brilliant!
Francesco was the best guide we ever cane across and the day was action-packed, interesting and works every penny. I can not say enough good things about this tour – it made out trip to Italy!!
Valerie and Michael - IRELAND

I just wanted to thank you again for a fantastic weekend visiting Pagani, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Ducati and the Panini collection. I couldn’t have hoped for a better stag weekend it was superb! Thank you so much! Everyone on the trip had a fabulous time. We really appreciated your enthusiasm, passion, amazing knowledge as well as your warmth, personal approach and professionalism. Thank you also to Lucia, I think you will have enormous success with the business and I will certainly be passing on my recommendations to friends, colleagues and car clubs. We thought the tour was excellent. Great value. And you are a fantastic guide. I’m certain you will be very successful and we all wish you the best in your venture. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Remember if you and Lucia are in London we owe you a drink or two. Cheers!
David, AJ, Gary, Craig, David - UK

We would recommend your tour to anyone who is interested in Ferrari and it's history. The children thought that it was the best thing they had seen, and we all had a truly wonderful time. They have not stopped talking about it since they got back, and now in Australia they are the envy of all their friends to have been to such a wonderful place. We were all especially happy about the fact that the person who showed us around (you!) had so much knowledge of the inside workings of the factory and could give us interesting facts about what really goes on within the factory and the museum. You were so friendly and so funny to be around, it was an absolute joy to be there. I know that for my husband and the children especially it was one of the memorable experiences of their lives.
Caston Family - AUSTRALIA

I wanted to say THANK YOU for the brilliant time that I had on the MOTORSTARS tour. I wasn't really sure what to expect from the day and before the tour I was a little worried that I might get bored if it was all too serious, but I can honestly say that it was a fantastic day and I'll remember it for a long time. Seeing and hearing the F1 car being tested on the Ferrari track was unbelievable, such a great experience. Your love of cars and F1 was infectious and I had a fantastic day.
Tanya Decastro - UK

Definitely a great tour. It was very personable. I will recommend the tour to anyone going to the region, it's another great way to see Italy. Thank you Francesco. That was a wonderful day. Thank you for making our trip to Italy all that much better.
Andrea Bishop - USA

Here's a woman's viewpoint of a man's world ;)
It's a great idea to visit all the famous factories in one package. A simple and practical solution for tourists, who otherwise would have to arrange everything themselves, so well worth the money! As a guide, Francesco is an expert on the subject, and a very friendly guy who really understands customer service :) We can recommend the tour to anyone planning a trip to Bologna or Modena, MOTORSTARS will take good care of you!" Ciao!
Vaula and David – FINLAND

The MOTORSTARS tour is a wonderful tour for Italian motors funs! This is the deepest idea still in my mind and it doesn’t matter if you prefer cars or motorcycles. When I have a look to my pictures, good memories always back to my mind. Trust me, if you have opportunity to visit Italy, find time to join MOTORSTARS and his tour in Ducati factory, Maserati, Lamborghini factory and Ferrari, it’s the greatest tour I have done my life!

We would both like to say thanks again for a fantastic tour which we both enjoyed. It was a great day. Definitely, the highlight of the tour was the Lambo factory and museum, and when you see the nice lady who gave the tour please mention we send our regards and thanks. Lamborghini factory and museum - Factory tours. Best wishes and may your company grow and grow.
Bir and Balbir – UK

G'Day Francesco, I just wanted to say thank you for all you help and assistance during my recent tour with Motostars. Your extremely generous nature and wiliness to please us made it a memorable day. When I booked this, I was really looking forward to it, and I really did enjoy it. I especially enjoyed the Lamborghini museum, the Panini family museum, the Ferrari factory spots and the Ducati tour. That's pretty much the whole tour! I will email some of my photos to you soon. thanks again
Costantino - AUSTRALIA
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