Ducati factory tours Italy, Ducati museum tours Italy

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Ducati factory tours Italy, Ducati museum tours Italy

Stop reading and book this tour
I was hesitant to book this tour due to its 200 euro price tag but boy was I wrong! All of these reviews are going to say the same thing: the tour and Francesco are amazing! I did the Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani tour. Definitely pay the extra euros for the Lamborghini factory floor visit. Also, if you have the money do the You Drive option. It is quite pricey but easily well worth the money. Driving those cars is unparalleled to any other experience in the world for a car enthusiast. You cannot replicate driving a Ferrari 105 miles per hour. It simply cannot be done. Additionally, Francesco is extremely knowledgeable as he has worked at all 3 companies. Additionally, I don't believe Pagani normally offers tours but since Francesco worked there they make exceptions for him. In short read no further just book the tour. It will be well worth your money. Francesco, if you read this thank you for the incredible tour today (12/20/13)
Jordan H - USA

A phenomenal tour - a MUST!
This was my husband's initiative to go on this tour - but i was more than happy to tag along, and boy was it worth it. We were in Italy in October, and did the Ducati factory tour, the Ducati museum tour, the Ferrari museum tour, the Lamborghini factory tour and the Lamborghini museum tour. Francesco is a great organizer, and is very knowledgeable and passionate about the cars. It was an absolutely hassle-free, laid back and fun experience.
We also did a you drive option - and it was so worth it, so if you have the money to make it happen - do it! All in all, a great day and lots of memories for a lifetime. I highly recommend Motorstars!
Nastassia - USA

Great way to spend the day
Very well organized.
Never felt rushed in and out of the tours and learned so much about how much heart and soul go into the most beautiful machines made.
We had a great tour guide and great safe transport.
My tour included Pagani, Ferrari and Lamborghini.
I am absolutely doing the tour again to see Ducati and Maserati.
Pagani Factory Visit. I was all over Europe on many tours and this tour is one of my top highlights.
Michael S - USA

Howard R
If you want to have a tour of a life time take the Motorstar tour.
It is a full day of entertainment not to be missed.
Francesco runs a very professional show and his knowledge about Ferrari is second to none.
We took the Ducati, Ferrari and Lamborghini tour.
While at Lamborghini we had a special guest on our factory tour, Ferruccio Lamborghini’s nephew, a lovely quite man who followed the group around and occasionally told a couple of stories.
We didn’t enjoy the Ferrari factory tour we would rather have spend the time in the museum as there is so much to see.
This is not a male thing my wife enjoyed as much as us four guys.
Thank you Francesco for a day of Memory's.

Wonderful experience
My wife and I took the #35 tour in our recent trip to Europe (11/19/13). It was very good experience Francesco is an excellent host very kind and helpful. He knows a lot of facts of the history related to the brands and has good relationship on the places were we go (museum & factory). We also take the drive option and it was a great experience. Everything was good for me as a fanatic, but also for my wife who was very happy on each place. We were over Florence but is just a 40min trip on the train. If you are planning to visit this part of Italy and you love the cars, don't hesitate go for this ride and you won't regret. Very special thanks to Francesco.
Martin W. - MEXICO

“One of the best days of our trip”
Both my husband and I love fine Italian sports cars (even though we own German ones) so it was only natural that we would want to visit the factories that make the most beautiful cars one can imagine. We chose the tour that began with Pagani, then Ferrari, and ended with Lamborghini. What a great day!. One must see the Pagani with one's own eyes to believe it. A car beyond compare, made by hand in very limited production. Ferrari Museum was great for whatever your interest in Ferrari - classy cars of the 1950s to the great Formula 1 cars to concept cars, it's a visual feast for Ferrari lovers. Lamborghini factory was the best. Not only did we see several Lamborghinis in a showroom. but toured the factory through all the work stations. A most informative tour lead by a lovely young woman who explained the manufacturing process with passion and expertise. Throughout the tour, our guide Francesco was a wealth of information about the car production and was especially good when we visited the Ferrari museum. He lead us through and provided narration so we got the most out of our visit. Is there anything about these cars he doesn't know? I don't think so. He's the best. The small van we rode in had DVD players that showed videos related to the factories we were visiting. The only part of the day that did not meet expectations was the Ferrari factory. We rode in a Ferrari red bus and passed the buildings where various manufacturing processes occur, Stopping outside of a building and having someone point out that there is where they paint the cars, or there is where they assemble this or that is an absolute waste of time. Francesco's video was a good tour of the factory not this dumb bus ride. The little ride on the test track was okay, but if I had to do it over, I think the better tour is one that includes everything we did that day except for the Ferrari factory tour, which was no more that a look at the outside of buildings in the manufacturing complex. Still, it was a great day and one that we will be talking about for ages. A couple people in our group took advantage of driving a Ferrari, which we did not, but it is a great opportunity to do a once in a lifetime event. In fact, now that we are home, the car tour is one of the things we talk about more that anything else on our week long trip to Parma. (we took a train to Bologna and back for this tour). Francesco provided a few extra pamphlets and business cards that I gave to the owner of the B&B where we stayed. We raved about the day to her and gave her the extra pamphlets for her future customers. Francesco's MotorStars trip is not to be missed.
Barbara - USA

Dhanyavaad !!
Hi Francesco,
(…that’s Hindi for Thank You… also, “Shukriya”!)
You gave us a great time on Tour No. 35, 27th September.
Not only was the tour very entertaining & enlightening, you also helped us with a 3-in-1 discounted DVD, etc. We’re now back in India. Attached is the photograph I took of my son Rahul with your esteemed self. While you gave us only a tiny glimpse into your own life story, I’m sure it’ll, even though in small measure, match the inspiring tales of Enzo Ferrari, Mr. Lamborghini, Mr. Pagani & the Ducati Brothers (which you showed on video), because of your dedication & commitment to your profession.
Wish you God Speed Ahead in all that you do.
Of course, most of our friends are astounded by our experiences, hopefully one or two will gather the guts to relive the same!
Best regards,
Ramakrishna and Rahul P. - INDIA

“A dream come true”
The tour of the factories of the famous brands of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani, was a dream come true thanks to MotorStar and hand of Francesco, a tour spotless, organized, zero failures.
What we liked most was the great explanation Francesco gave us each car model, its history, evolution, in short words, he knows all about cars.
Highly recommended, without comment, and I hope mains to repeat this experience, thank Francesco, a hug from Venezuela.

I would like to say a big thank you for making the Tour we had on the 18th July so special, my son and I had a great time and couldn’t fault anything
I would recommend you to anyone who was looking for this sort of experience
I also appreciated all your help and advice leading up to the trip and going back to pick up my mobile phone
I. Jones - UK

“Grazie mille di nuovo Francesco!”
I had so much fun touring Ferrari, Pagani, and Lamborghini (tour #35) with Francesco last year, that I needed to come back for more! This time I brought my two younger brothers along with me.
As always he is very accommodating. We went to Pagani first and saw the new Huayra in the showroom, and Francesco explained about the carbon fiber molding process. We also saw the factory workers making the carbon fiber tub, and as a bonus we also got to see one of the very few Zonda R in the back!
Then our next stop was Ferrari where Francesco gives an in-depth tour of the exhibit supercars in the museum. What a treat to hear and see the cars with his extra media content on his iPad. We toured in a bus of the factory grounds, and after that ate a quick and delicious lunch at the cafe next to Push Start. After our lunch, I got to drive my brothers around the streets of Maranello in a Ferrari California, and they loved every second of it! Of course, I also just had to drive my favorite 458 Italia! Didn't I already say that Francesco is really accommodating?
Despite some change in weather, Francesco was able to get us all to our final stop, Lamborghini, to tour the assembly line just in time. Our tour guide at Lamborghini was really knowledgeable about the manufacturing areas and had such a funny, Italian sense of humor! After watching beautiful Gallardos and Aventadors being assembled, we had enough time to visit the gift shop and take pictures of the cars in the museum. Francesco was so kind to take some group pictures for us. I should have asked him to join us in our picture!
He then took us back to where we met him in the morning. A full day of seeing the great supercars of Italy with Motorstars was well worth it and having Francesco as our guide throughout the entire day made it even more enjoyable. He tells really funny stories, is very accommodating, knows a lot of the history of all the cars, provides us options of food items for lunch and coffee, and most of all takes his business very seriously. All of this is what made our entire vacation in Europe amazing! I highly recommend everyone who loves cars to experience it with Francesco at Motorstars! Ciao!
Grazie mille Francesco! Bravo!
Elliot L. - USA

“A great way to see the super cars”
Our family of 4 booked this tour through the website. We were hoping to do Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani but the tour that day was to do Ducati instead of Pagani. We are not motorcycle enthusiasts but still found the Ducati tour very interesting.
We were told to meet him at the city center fountain and we were late because it took longer to walk there from our hotel than we thought. We arrived just as he was about to leave. After a brief greeting (he seemed irritated with us and I don't blame him because I don't like waiting for people either) we hopped in his new minibus and headed to the train station to pick up another group. The train station is a tough place to meet people you have never met because it is so busy. At the exact time we were supposed to meet these people he parks in front of the clock (which is in front of the train station) and takes a picture of his minibus with the clock behind it as proof that the was there at the scheduled time. I am not mentioning this to complain. Pagani Factory Visit. I am mentioning this as a warning to not be late. He won't wait for long! Fortunately we saw a man with his young sons running for the van and so they made the tour. We did not have a car in Bologna but even if we did I don't think there would be any way that we would have been able to do this on our own. I think this tour is really expensive but I don't know if you could do it any other way. It was a long day but we enjoyed the tours and were happy that we did this.
Fam. Maudlin - USA

Hi Francesco,
I would like just to thank you for the enjoyable tour we had with you on the 26 June last.
Your tour was the best we had over the 4 weeks we were in Europe.
You should be proud of the way you have produced such an informative product.
We arrived home last Wednesday and it has been torrential rain since.
Quite a contrast to your sunny Italy.
Rick Maccullagh - AUSTRALIA

Hi Francesco,
Edward and myself are now back in the US and I just wanted to say thank you for the great day out when we visited you a couple of weeks ago.
We really enjoyed the Ducati tour, the Ferrari tour and particularly the time at the Pagani plant. Everything ran like clockwork, the van was immaculate, and the light lunch was just right and most welcome.
We wish you all the success in future, and would not hesitate in recommending you to others.
Best regards,
R. Goss- USA

Francesco, so many thanks for the fantastic tour last Thursday.
Joshua and I both enjoyed it so much.
I have no doubt that it will stay in our memories for a long time.
H.Davis - USA

Good Afternoon Francesco,
I would just like to thank you for your assistance in providing my son and husband with a fantastic and memorable day. Both of them thoroughly enjoyed the day and both commented on the ease and organization of the day.
I personally found booking and organizing this tour extremely easy and the information provided very comprehensive - I have passed your contact details to my travel consultant here in Australia.

I just want to thank you for a nice trip on Friday the 12. of July 2013.
We will be back i hope. Best regards from Geir, Ola and Sjur from Norway
Geir Sjøgren – NORWAY

El tour es maravilloso, Francesco es un guía que transmite la pasión por los carros, el trabajo arduo y la lealtad de los fabricantes. Realmente la experiencia es fantástica, gracias a un tour organizado con gran profesionalismo..

Brilliant day!”
With a teenage son who loves cars, we booked a tour online via the website www.motostars.org ) I received prompt replies to all my questions and step by step directions of where to go, meet etc. We chose our # 35. Francesco was a joy to be around. His English is superb, he knows his cars inside and out. He collected us in a Mercedes mini van - spotless I may add - and we visited Lamborghini, Ferrari and Pagani . WOW! We had a full factory floor access at Lamborghini and Pagani too! We even met the Pagani owner and his son ! Not all of us were car enthusiasts but Francesco brilliantly kept us entertained and answered all of our numerous questions. He gently and professionally guided us through the whole day, staying close by, and everything was seamless. We also did a test drive at Ferrari which was amazing. I would HIGHLY recommend this tour and we thank him for an unforgettable day.
65HJ - USA

A Fantastic Day! Recommended!!
The day was organized for me by my girlfriend as part of my 30th birthday celebrations. Francesco met us outside our hotel and introduced us to the others in our small group. The Mercedes minibus was very comfortable. There were TV screens in the headrests which showed a short film about each factory we were about to visit. Ferrari was the first stop. We had a short drive around the site with Francesco giving information about the key buildings. It was then onto a tour of the Ferrari museum with a headset commentry from Francesco. After a spot of lunch we had our couch tour of the factory and Fiorano test track with a guide from Ferrari. (Ferrari are very private and insist on covering your phone cameras with stickers which don't come off easily).
It was then off to Pagani. Pagani is a very different experience. A much smaller, much more 'family run' business. The day we visited there was a Zonda in the reception area. The factory floor is where the carbon fiber is wrapped around the moulds and then heated and pressurized. There was an opportunity to touch and feel the weight of various components. As an ex employee, Francesco is full of information on the build processes. Finally was a visit to Lamborghini. The Aventador factory floor tour was my personal favorite of the day. The Lamborghini guide was highly knowledgeable about all aspects of the build. You get to see the assembly line, the pre assembly and the trim shop areas. After that there was plenty of time to have a look at the spectacular cars in the museum.
Francesco dropped us off back at our hotel very tired after a brilliant and memorable day. I look forward to visiting Italy again soon and booking one of the Maserati tours.
Thanks again Francesco
Oliver & Claire - UK

An Amazing Experience - Ferrari and Lamborghini Tour
I had organized this tour for my car enthusiast fiancé while we were on a two week holiday in Italy.
The tour is run by Francesco Bini and his passion and enthusiasm for Italian cars were genuine and his friendly demeanor put us at ease.
The tour started with Francesco picking us and another couple up from our hotel in Modena in warm Mercedes Benz van, which was very much appreciated on a cold winter morning.
Our first stop in Maranello was the official Ferrari Museum and as Francesco led us through the maze of sleek, shiny cars he shared bits and pieces from the extensive history of Ferrari.
Next up was a quick bus tour through the Ferrari factory area where Francesco handed us over into the capable hands of a Ferrari guide.
This tour was run by Ferrari and though visitors can’t see inside the factory is was still interesting.
After catching a few glimpses of almost completed Ferraris the bus took a slow trip around the test track.
From Maranello Francesco took us back to Modena to see the recently opened museum that included Enzo Ferrari’s birthplace and a Ferrari meets Maserati exhibition.
Our next stop was the one my fiancé had anxiously be waiting for – the self drive option.
For 400 Euros he was able to take a Lamborghini Aventador for a 20 minute spin - he hasn’t stopped talking about it since.
Last stop on Francesco’s tour was the Lamborghini museum and factory floor tour which again was fascinating.
With the final tour over Francesco dropped us back to our hotel, tired but happy.
Not being a huge fan of sports cars, racing cars or any car in general, I was a bit apprehensive about embarking on a full day tour of the Ferrari and Lamborghini factories but by the end of the day I was surprised by how much I enjoyed learning about the history and production of these two luxury brands.
Chalki11 - AUSTRALIA

Fantastic! Highly recommended !!
Francesco was an absolute delight! He was kind, courteous & very knowledgeable about all the factories we visited.
We were very lucky to meet Horacio Pagani as he was at the Pagani Factory today.
I would highly recommend this tour to anyone looking to visit the Supercar factories around Bologna & Modena.
If you want personalized service, clean, comfortable & modern transport then definitely choose MotorStars!
Jezabella84 - AUSTRALIA

Great day out
My husband is a confirmed petrol head and we have been on many car type tours over the years and this has to be one of the best. He had a fabulous day. Picked up close to our hotel in Bologna it was a packed day visiting the Ferrari museum and a minibus tour of the factory, the Lamborghini museum and factory floor which was well worth the extra bit of money. But the best part for him was seeing the Pagani Car factory which only makes about 17 cars a year. He also did the Ferrari test drive option but said that being road based it was less satisfying and he preferred the track based one he had done in England. An excellent day and worth the money even for less interested partners.
Dreamer1 – NEW ZEALAND

Pure joy in Bologna!
After much deliberations (due to the price of the tour), my husband and our 13 year old son joined Motorstars for their Friday tour of the Pagani, Ferrari and Lamborghini manufacturing plants.
They came back with a twinkle in their eyes - it was definitely worth the price! In my husband's words: "we met Francesco for pick-up at the hotel at precisely 8:45AM, as scheduled.
From that time on, the tour unfolded extremely well and Francesco was an excellent guide having knowledge, passion for motors ports and care for his clients.
This day-long tour started on time and ended on time and we did not see the day go by under Francesco's guidance.
My son insisted on taking advantage of the offer to rent a Ferrari during our tour which should be done and not missed - what an experience to drive a legendary marque!"
Josee L - CANADA

Motorstars #1!
Highly Highly Recommended!
My son and I were the awestruck attendees with Francesco on his Lamborghini, Ferrari & Pagani tours, it was the highlight of our trip. Francesco brings enthusiasm, inside knowledge from his time working within the Ferrari Formula 1 team and experience in working with carbon fibre. Francesco's personal explanation of the car histories, background information and fabrication methods during the Pagani & Ferrari tours are the true benefit of his tours. For car fans: take the tour for his explanations and friendliness and you will not be disappointed. I know we were given access to the Pagani factory that would not be granted if you just walked up and visited alone.
I never felt rushed and was encouraged to take the time for photos as needed.
Many many thanks Francesco for making this part of our trip a treat.
kellym55 - CANADA

A fantastic day out.
I did this tour in March 2013 and it was a really highlight. Our guide Francesco was both fun and informative.
I had read on Trip advisor , that Francesco was a little on the quiet side, but I found him to be an informative guide, excellent driver and good fun.
The tour itself was fantastic.
The walk on the Lamborghini and Pagani factory floors, was so up close and a real privilege and seeing the newly launched La Ferrari, was fantastic.
There is plenty of time to look around at each stop and lunch offers plenty of choices.
I did not do one of the optional car drives, but everyone who did, raved about it.
This tour is excellent value for money and suitable for everyone.

A must for car/motorcycle enthusiasts
I am sorry I have taken so long to review this tour.
This was a definitive highlight of our two weeks in Europe back in 2008. Francesco was fantastic.
We did the Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani tour and it was great.
Francesco had lots of information and interesting stories to tell.
Everything was great, we were able to sneek a peek of cars running on the test track, met the nephew of Lamborghini, and had a great meal as well.
It is a must do if you are in Italy!!!!
Brandy M - USA

I can't recommend Motorstars enough. In fact, my enthusiasm for the tour service is so great, that I am now taking the first possible opportunity to leave a glowing review for my new friend, "Francesco."
The tour guide is a former F1 mechanic/engineer who has great relationships with all of the legendary automotive and motorcycle manufacturers in the Maranello and Sant'Agata area.
He is a great English speaker, he is overwhelmingly knowledgeable, and the tour service itself is absolutely first class.
A nice van with TFT monitors drove us from stop to stop, a great lunch was prepared, cool souvenirs were provided free of extra charge and of course the experience of driving an Italian super car was provided. My gal and I jumped at the chance to spend 30 minutes alone with a 460 HP Ferrari California... Needless to say, it was the ride of my life!
I will come back again to do the motorcycle tour next!
PuddleJumpa - USA

A great day
I got this as Xmas present and it was well woth the wait.
I had the best day with Francesco as my guide.
I recommend the Lamborghini Factory Floor tour but the best part was the option to drive a Lamborghini that made the whole experience

I am very happy to have found this website and learned about MOTORSTARS' fantastic tour services.
My ultimate goal for visiting Italy was to see the factories of Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Pagani as well as to drive a Ferrari 458 Italia on the streets of Maranello. I owe it all to the very friendly, kind, and attentive Francesco Bini and MOTORSTARS for such a great experience!
I was so mesmerized with Francesco's stories of his experiences and vast knowledge of the heritage throughout all of the supercar makers that I almost forgot to take pictures!
The Mercedes van was very comfortable and a fun ride in the snow ;)
Francesco was always very accommodating. I really appreciated the pick up and drop off service. Usually he schedules the test drive part after the Ferrari tour, but while on the way to Maranello it started to snow so he called his friends to make sure I would be able to drive the 458 Italia before it got too dangerous! "Che macchina!"
Only a minor change in the itinerary, but with Francesco's abilities, he adjusted for the change in weather and coordinated everything flawlessly.
You definitely exceeded all of my expectations and I must come back again to visit touring with MOTORSTARS!
Grazie mille Francesco!
Elliot - USA
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