Visit Lamborghini factory and museum from Bologna Modena Italy

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Visit Lamborghini factory and museum from Bologna Modena Italy

I just wanted to take the time to thank for the most amazing tour I have ever been on. Your tour was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced! The up close look that I was able to get in the Lamborghini factory is something I will never forget. The factories along with the knowledge and enthusiasm that you were able to bring to the tour made it my favorite part of my trip to Italy. Your tours are truly incredible and I hope your business has been taking off.
Kyle - USA

We just wanted to express our sincere thanks for a truly wonderful , no an absolutely fantastic day out , we all had with Motorstars. My son , Aaron, hasn't stopped talking about this tour, and about you, in fact he has decided he would very much like to work for Lamborghini when he is older!!! We have 80+ photos of Ferrari museum, Lambos and Maserati and 6 of Bologna....even the waiter at the cafe by our hotel , couldn't believe we came over to Italy just to see your cars. The whole motorstars package was a pleasure from start to finish, you answered my sons every question with great knowledge and patient, you are definitely his hero when it comes to Italian cars. His poster with the horse and bull, yes that one has pride of place on his wall now, much to the blushes of his friends and family...naughty but well done. We wish you every success in your venture, but you already have a winning formula, your expertise and people skills plus wonderfully made cars make this tour a must for every car mad boy and girl.
Karen, Paul and Aaron - UK

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for a delightful day touring the automobile sites in the Modena area. For my son Sean, the day was certainly his highlight in Italy and he is still talking about his 15 minute ride in the red Ferrari. I must confess that I too had a wonderful time. Again, thanks for a wonderful day.
Michael and Sean - USA

I wanted to thank you very much for hosting me and my wife on our visit to Modena. I had a wonderful day, and I thank you for such a professional and enjoyable visit. I appreciate your knowledge of each of the factories, and your reception at each stop reflected the fact that you are very well respected and liked.
Ken Harper - USA

We most definitely had a lot of fun with MotorStars. Friendly and knowledgeable, I would totally recommend Francesco to be your guide to everything cars and motorcycles in Italy......Francesco is unique in that he has actually worked in many of the Italian factories, Lamborghini, Pagani, and Ferrari museum. Having worked on both F1 and production vehicles, his knowledge of these cars is deep and personal..... I’m sure many guys would appreciate being able to see it, but they will just have to go to Italy and book a tour with MotorStars.
Jae Karen - USA

Steve and I had a fantastic day on Wednesday and we are more than happy to pass the word around that if anybody wants to visit the factories then you are the man !
Paul Casha - UK

My wife and I, and especially our daughter Trish, had a most memorable day with your Motorstars tour. There is no doubt that Trish's ride in the Ferrari Testarossa will be the highlight of her trip to Italy, and will be a lifelong memory. She has already sent messages and photos of the day to her friends, all of whom envy her great adventure. Best wishes for the success of Motorstars. We found the Lamborghini factory tour particularly informative, and the balsamic and parmesan "tastes" capped the day. Thanks, and Arrivederci!!
Steve Cathy Trish - USA

We are having a great time Italy. The highlight for me has been the Motorstars Tour. Not only did we meet H. Pagani, we were able to watch F1 testing at the Fiorano track and meet Felipe Massa. Your knowledge, insight and hands on experience in exotic cars and F1 really made the tour a joy. This tour is a definite MUST for all car enthusiasts! Thanks again...
John Fernando - CANADA

Just a quick email to thank you for the tour, it was everything I had hoped for during my visit to Italy.
Lindon Hett – BAHAREIN

Francesco, we really would like thank you for the memorable day we spent with you, we'll never forget it. We wish you all the best and we’re hopeful you will have many more members and tours in the future. Our pictures published on the MOTORSTARS website are great, but they can't really express the wonderful time we had within MOTORSTARS. Again thank you so much and all the best for the future!
Pauline and Simon - MALTA

The Motrostars tour is truly amazing! I was picked up in Bologna, and dropped off at my hotel in Maranello, and all the while my guide was an unstoppable well of local and technical knowledge, personal service and enthusiasm! On this tour you will gain access to areas not open to the public, so you will receive so much more than visiting these areas for yourself. The tour gives a unique insight not only to the past and present of the mythical world of Italian engineering art, but also to the people behind the marques. A huge GRAZIE MILLE to MOTORSTARS!
Espen Bjørnstad Asker - MALTA

"MOTORSTARS's tour was just fantastic! Highly recommended A+++!.
I spend the morning and afternoon with Francesco, who was an excellent tour guide. Francesco provided great Service by picking me up (via automobile) and dropping be back to the nearby Bologna hotel where I was staying. I felt comfortable knowing that I will be taken care of. He provided friendly and courteous service. His expertise in his tours and his deep knowledge of the Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Maserati history and technical details made the tour extremely authentic. The best part of the tour is that it saved me much valuable time and trouble of finding the car factory and museums myself. The tour also included a beautiful visit to a cheese factory, which was an added bonus. The tour included a delicious Italian lunch at the Ferrari gallery. I also loved the Ferrari Testarossa ride around the Ferrari town. I encourage all Italian car lovers out there to experience what MOTORSTARS has to offer them!"
Duncan - USA

What a great memory we have from our weekend in Bologna: hearing and seeing zooming passed Michael Schumacher training! And let's not forget the morning spent at Ducati. Your passion and enthusiasm really made this day unforgettable.
Nadège Caille - FRANCE

We just wanted to thank you for a great tour. Even Luisa, who couldn't really care less what's under the hood of a car really appreciated it. We were very impressed with all of your knowledge and inside information not only about the cars but the whole area as well. Again, thanks for a great tour.
Luisa and Pedro - USA

It was an amazing time. For me as a Lamborghini fan it was more than I expected for I was able to get into the Lamborghini factory. Maserati was also fascinating and of course Ferrari museum. I hope you will have many more members and tours and I will defiantly come again.
Marc and Thomas - USA
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