Pagani factory tours Italy, Pagani museum tours Italy

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Pagani factory tours Italy, Pagani museum tours Italy

Francesco really did a great job in organizing for us the Pagani Factory and Museum Tour, the Lamborghini Factory and Museum Tour and the Ferrari Museum Tour in Italy. He accompanied us from factory to factory and giving us insights that you won't get by doing it yourself. Well worth the price.

“Pagani, Ferrari, Lambo... OMG!! ; -)”
Francesco is a pro. The 8 hour tour we took (Pagani Factory, Ferrari Museum, lunch, Ferrari driving and Lamborghini Museum and Factory) was run like a F1 the second!! This is a day packed full of emotions...if you love cars, of course! Everything was top notch: the van that picked us up in front of the Bologna train station, the ride in the van always showing a related video of the next place we were going to, the lunch (which was pre-ordered and very good!), the driving of a Ferrari (optional but worth doing even if it is for 10 minutes...the roads are quite congested but you will still have the opportunity to accelerate 2 or 3 times, which is all you need -thanks Simone!) and the guided tours at Pagani and Lambo. What we enjoyed the most was the stop at Pagani's factory. The Pagani tour guide (Veronica) was excellent. She communicated with passion and it is great to see what a boutique Supercar manufacturer is! The Lambo factory guided tour was incredible as well. In this case a more industrial setting than Pagani but no less interesting. If you love these incredible machines, you will not be disappointed with this Motorstars tour!!
Katy - USA

“Awesome tour!”
The day was flawless thanks to Francesco's professionalism and organisation. He was on time, friendly and shared his vast experience and knowledge of the companies we were going to visit and surrounding areas. The Mercedes van had onboard entertainment videos and was very comfortable but luckily there were only 5 of us on the tour; I think 8 might have been a tight squeeze!
The tours of the museums were fantastic with excellent guides and amazing cars; a dream for any car enthusiast! The included lunch had many options available and was a typical Italian meal; simple yet delicious. The only downside was on my visit Lamborghini had their factory floor tour closed but that was unavoidable.Not having to worry about driving the Italian roads and making timeframes made the whole experience stress free and enjoyable.
I'd definitely recommend Motorstars to anyone considering seeing these famous Italian sights.

“Fantastic combination of factories and stories.”
Francesco was right on time right where he said he would be to start off the tour. Our tour group had seven people, 3 pairs of father-sons and myself traveling alone. I took the front seat and Francesco started giving details of where we would be going and started the video for our first factory visit.
We started at Pagani, then to Ferrari (Only owners can get a factory tour, where even they have to pay), so we went to the Ferrari Museum which was amazing. The combination of road vehicles was impressive but the amount of Formula 1 cars was beyond comprehension. I spent a good 20 minutes in the Michael Schumacher room which housed trophies and cars thru the 90's and 2000's. After that we had a full meal that was included in the price, it was the first time for his tour group to go to this new restaurant but it was delicious and the food kept coming. We then got to spend some time in the gift shop or doing the F1 simulators which is what I did. Put up a good enough lap time to possibly come back in a few months, if I do I'll book another tour with Francesco to look at some of the other factories offered.
The Lamborghini factory tour was extremely in depth, stopping at each station of the Aventador assembly process and going over the details. The cost might be considered high by some but for what you get; rides in A/C'ed bus, (37 C day of our trip), factory tours, lunch, and stories from his years at Scuderia Ferrari and Lamborghini I'd say it is well worth it and if I'm in the area again I would do it.
Don M. - USA

“Memorable trip to Italian luxury automobile center of the world”
On a recent father/son trip to Florence, we booked the Ferrari/Lambo factory tour combo with Franceso. Tour was booked in December of 2014 and all of the logistical information and questions I had in advances were answered by Francesco in an expedited fashion. Having booked tours all over the world, let me say that is not the standard service. That is above standard service!
After a quick 45 minute train ride from Florence, Francesco Bini (FB) picked us up at Bologna station and told us we were the only two on the tour that day. This meant we had the entire Benz van to ourselves and we had his attention to ourselves.
The day went without a hitch. Yes, there are numerous very interesting videos to watch in the van en route to the various locations. If you got tired of hearing about all of Ferrari's mistresses; well just look out the window and soak in the Italian countryside.
What made the day extra special was FB's personal attention and level of service. It was like he was always there when you needed him but felt rushed or watched over. On the contrary, he told us to take our time but when we needed him or we were ready to move on, it was like he magically appeared. Again, my definition of top notch tour guide experience.
We visited the Ferrari museum in Maranello which in my opinion is much, much better then the one in Maranello. We took the Ferrari factory bus tour. We ate lunch across the museum which I must admit was probably the worst food I had in Italy but no fault of FB.
The highlight of the tour for us was the Lambo factory tour. While our Lambo appointed guide was not exactly friendly and very rough around the edges, the fact that we were inches away from a work of art being made valued at half a million dollars was something we won't soon forget. Only 5 cars are produced at the factory on any given day and we can see why.
Yes, Motorstars is probably more expensive then it needs to be. Yes, you can do the locations on your own as we saw the same people from one museum to the next but I would gladly pay somebody a few hundred euros to avoid having to drive in Italy. The safety aspect of that is worth the price of admission to Motorstars.
Only thing I would change is to request lunch to be earlier. Tour starts round 9:00 am which meant a train station arrival in Florence of around 7:30. 1:30 lunch was a bit late. Other then that. I wouldn't change a thing and I know this because our teenager son said so. And that says it all!!
Joidevivr - USA

“Pleasant surprise!”
It was a great day! My husband is a gear head/ car enthusiast, so he booked this for the both of us in advance. Honestly, I wasn't terribly excited to go because it really is an all day event, and I preferred to stay in Florence to relax and do some shopping, but my husband does so much for me, and this was important to him, so I went along too. To my surprise, our guide Francesco was very friendly, funny, knowledgable, and really did a wonderful job! Although, i wouldn't consider myself a real car enthusiast, there really was something for everyone. There were parts of the tour that highlighted the history of different car manufacturers, museums to display old and new model supercars, as well as a factory line tour! (I really didn't think I would like the last one, but the guide kept it interesting and moved at a good pace.) So even if you aren't a gear head, there is something for you on this tour.
Stephen - USA

“Fantastic Transportation to Ducati and Lamborghini Factories... enough said..”
Was in Bologna, Italy for a few days and decided to do this amazing tour with Francesco. The transportation was prompt and very convenient to see the Ducati factory and museum, Ferrari museum, and Lamborghini factory and museum. Very nice to have videos between the attractions in a great Mercedes van. Worth every penny to get between these sites (in one day) with no issues. One of the best experiences for a car lover!!!
Derek - USA

“Pagani's, Ferrari's, Lamborghinis Oh My”
Greatest day Ever!
My husband & I booked this for our 11 yr old exotic car lover & blogger Sky from He actually cried happy tears when he found out that we were taking the train from Venice to Bologna for the day on our way to Florence which just happens to be a 25 minute train ride from Bologna.
This company is so impressive from booking the custom tour to picking us up from the train to handling everything.
What a pleasure, there is nothing Francesco won't do for you.
He has personality plus. He speaks wonderful English. He has everything set up perfectly so you get to see everything you can dream of, you do not have a dull moment yet you are not rushed at all.
You get a chauffeured ride to the exotic car museums of your choice & you have your tour and plenty of time to take pictures and shop if you like or even take a ride in a Ferrari for an extra few Euros.
When can you ever have the opportunity to visit cars museums like this. It is a once in a life time experience!
Ladies, treat your husbands to this adventure,it will bring out the kid in him and prob give you a free day to go shopping..
Do Not miss this Tour & make sure you get Francesco, I truly think he has the best job ever & I believe with all my heart that he is soooo Happy to bring people to this magical adventure.
Have a blast & take lots of pics, you will want to share them, trust me!! Oh, and this is the perfect destination for teens as well, they will love every minute of it.
Thank you Francesco for showing Sky the Best day Ever!,
SkysMommy - USA

A quick note to say thanks for your help and the tour I did with you, it was such an enjoyable day and the photos from the day are the first ones I show when talking about my holiday.
I did do the Ducati tour the day prior, which was also exceptional.
Here is a photo of my new ride :)
The salesman told me it was one of the first shipments of the Full Throttle Scramblers into Australia.
Paul Clarke - AUSTRALIA

“Great way to spend the day! ”
Very well organized.
Never felt rushed in and out of the tours and learned so much about how much heart and soul go into the most beautiful machines made.
We had a great tour guide and great safe transport. Ferrari Factory Visit
My tour included Pigani, Ferrari and Lamborgini.
I am absolutely doing the tour again to see Ducati and Maserati.
I was all over Europe on many tours and this tour is one of my top highlights.

“Motown Italy”
Bologna is to Italy as Detroit is to the USA. Pavorati and Ferrari were friends! Francesco is a very experienced tour operator and a very nice person. During our tour one of our group lost his cell phone. Francesco moved heaven and earth to find it and have it returned. A tour de force! He has contacts all over the Modena Maranello Bologna manufacturing area. If you plan ahead using his website you will be able to see nearly any combination of museum and factory you desire. During the long rides between sites he will occupy you with videos preparing you for the next museum or factory. Prepare for a long day of appreciating those superb road machines (along with quite a nice lunch) and definitely getting your money's worth.
Elizabeth - USA

"Fabulous Day in Maranello and Modena”
This tour started promptly and the van was well equipped with video displays to get us ready for our tours to our various car factories.
The ability to drive the Ferrari California and the ride given to my family is unforgettable.
Thank you for the great day.
jack_curt - USA

“Great trip”
Francesco made this one of the highlights of my Europe trip.
Another group couldn't make it and I was the only one on the trip, he didn't miss a beat!
Ducati, Ferrari and Lamborghini. Ferrari Factory Visit.
Sorry for the late feedback Francesco, hope you're well.
Jacob444 - USA

“Best cars in the World”
This tour started promptly and the van was well equipped with video displays to get us ready for our tours to our various car factories.
The ability to drive the Ferrari California and the ride given to my family is unforgettable.
Thank you for the great day.
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