Visit Pagani factory and museum from Bologna Modena Italy

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Visit Pagani factory and museum from Bologna Modena Italy

We wish sending you our appreciation for a fabulous day which we spent with Motorstars. Our photographs of the day are wonderful especially the artistic ones Francesco took of us with great backgrounds and the foreground using a Ferrari cylinder bore. Rob is able to use these wonderful photographs as wallpaper on his computer at work so that he is constantly able to remember our great day at Modena. We attach a few of the photographs. Yesterday Rob framed the treasured piece of Lamborghini leather, with the embossed logo, which will become a family heirloom. The visit to the balsamic vinegar outlet and the Panini cheese and Maserati complex were both excellent. Several of the men who work with Fleur have looked at her photographs and envy her visit to Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati. If we are ever lucky enough to return to Italy we most certainly will visit the remaining highlights which you are offering at Motorstars. It was a highlight for us to visit Bologna and have such a wonderful tour with you. Best wishes for a prosperous 2007 and Merry Christmas.
Rob, Lorraine and Fleur - AUSTRALIA

I want to thank you for a very enjoyable visit. We were all very happy with the professional and friendly time we spent together. Of course our son was thrilled!!
Henry Grossbard - USA

On the anniversary of our visit to Italy, Chris and I want to send you photos of our Motorstars Day. So many times during the past year we have thought of the great time we had with you as our personal guide. Chris spotted the 2007 Murcielago test car in Road & Track magazine...the exact same car with matching license plates. Ducati has opened a showroom near my office here in Dallas, and all the guys loved my photos of the factory and museum. Chris' ride in Paolo's Testarossa around Maranello was priceless!
My favorite moment was meeting Horacio Pagani and having him autograph the Zonda drawing for one but Francesco Bini could have made that happen! We have seen our picture on the website and referred several friends to your site. It is really fun reliving that day thanks to you, Francesco. You made our trip to Bologna one that Chris and I will never forget. Molto grazie...Ciao!
Jon & Chris – USA

I just wanted to take some time to say a BIG thank you to Francesco and Motorstars. My wife and I had a tour with 4 other people (and of couse Francesco, the guide) of the Lamborghini factory/museum and the Ferrari museum. This day was really amazing! Since I am a car fanatic, this was a "must see" as we went to Italy in September 2006. As an engineer, I really appreciated all the detailed explanations Francesco gave us. My wife also liked the tour a lot, even if she is not as much as a car fanatic as I am: Francesco told us a lot of general and historic information (about cars and also on plenty of other subjects): this made the trip even more enjoyable. On top of all that, was the Lamborghini museum (which, by the way, we had to ourselves since the museum was closed for other people because it was lunch time), and we had a chance to see Ferrari testing production cars on the Fiorano circuit (only because Francesco knew a really good spot to see the track, otherwise it is pretty well hidden). If you seriously want to visit those museums, it is really worth it to go with Motorstars: the price is really not expensive, and eveything is included: entrance in Ferrari museum transportation, lunch, discounts in Lamborghini store, extras, and lot of fun! Francesco is really enthusiastic and friendly, has a really a good knowledge of cars, is very easy to contact, and everything seems to be possible with him. I'm really happy I choose Motorstars...for me, this is the only way to visit Lamborghini and Ferrari and I would not hesitate to go with him again if I return in Italy and want to visit Ducati, Maserati or Pagani factory!
Daniel - CANADA

Motorstars was definitely a highlight in our trip to Italy. Francesco was an excellent tour guide and made you feel at home everywhere that you went. This contributed to making the tour feel like a very personal look at all the beautiful cars and bikes. Being Ducati fanatics we enjoyed the factory tour very much as well as the museum but the highlight of the day was definitely the Pagani tour where I received an autograph from Mr. Pagani who may very well be the next Enzo. It does not get much better than looking at beautiful cars and learning about them with someone who is as passionate about them as you are. The Ferrari museum and grounds tour was very in depth and Francesco was extremely informative about both the history of Ferrari in both road and racing aspects. I would recommend taking in the Motorstars experience to anyone who feels a passion for cars, bikes and racing. Thank you to Francesco for picking us up from the train station and dropping us off at the hotel after the tour as well as for the incredible experience.
Blake and Rick - CANADA

We are sitting here trying to figure out just the right words to describe the experience you provided for us on our recent trip to Maranello, and there’s just no words to express the private personalized tour you gave us! The best we could come up with was, “This is not just a tour, it’s a personalized Fantasy Camp for Car Enthusiasts!” Since it was just the two of us with you, you made us feel more like your friends than paying customers! We enjoyed getting to know not just the cars, but you as well! I mean, Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini are awesome and your knowledge and the stories you have from your own personal experiences are absolutely fascinating! Thanks to you also for going the extra mile and helping us back to the train station in Bologna even though it was out of your way, they broke the mold when they made you! We meant it when we said, “If you ever find yourself in the Midwestern U.S., you’ve got a place to stay!” We’ll cherish these memories forever!
Thanks again!
Jim & Jacqui - USA

Thank you again for an excellent Motorstars tour! Your enthusiasm and passion for motors and exotic cars made the Motorstars tour the best tour I have ever experienced. It was a wonderful day. I am recommending your tour to all my friends as your tour should not be missed on any visit to Italy! Best of luck to you and thanks again for a GREAT tour. Ciao.
Greg & Trey - USA

I wanted to drop you a note to tell you what a great time I had on the tour. I couldn’t stop smiling all day. Seeing the Ducati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati collection all in one day was an experience that is hard to put into words. Francesco is a great host and tour director and his knowledge and experience bring a level of understanding to the day that is unparallel. Since I’ve gone on the tour I’ve told many people what a fantastic experience it is. Thanks again for a day that will be one of my best favorite memories for years to come.
Rich Reynolds - USA

Francesco is the only person you need to know to see the most exclusive of car manufacturers in their home territory. His knowledge of the cars, the factories, and their history is encyclopedic, and he is very passionate and patient while sharing his knowledge. His tour is very well organized - even though it includes visits to Lamborghini factory, Pagani factory, Ferrari museum and Ducati factory, all of which miles apart, it never felt rushed. I tried to organize a similar tour for myself, but it proved to be far too difficult; it would have taken 3 days of touring the region to coordinate the factory visits - Francesco can do it all for you in one well-paced day, and at a bargain! The Motorstars tour was the highlight of my trip to Italy, and for any true car enthusiast, the trip is worth it for the tour alone! Thanks Francesco!
Andre - CANADA

Thanks again for the awesome tour!!! It was truly an experience of a lifetime! You were on time, prepared, and very informative. This was one of the most well organized tours that I have been on, and most interesting. The Lamborghini factory was my favorite because I could actually see the car first hand being made from start to finish, and maybe next time I will visit it with family. This was definitely money well spent! Good luck and I hope to see you again soon!
Chad Koerber - USA

Thanks again for a fabulous tour. Your knowledge of the factories was amazing. The access you were able to provide at Lamborghini and Pagani couldn't have been better. We're spoiled now.
The only way to get a better tour is to buy a Ferrari!
Don Karner - USA

Francesco, I want to thank you for making our trip to Italy a trip to remember. Even though we were there to race Slot Cars, the tour of the Italian automobile manufactures was the highlight of our trip. It's true when I told you at lunch that "this is one of the best days of my life". Being automotive enthusiasts, this was a must trip for my son Jake and me to make even if we had to commute overnight. You were so knowledgeable and through explaining what each car represented in history and the tour thru the Lamborghini plant was the best. I share your passion for cars and I can tell that you really enjoy your job. I with out a doubt can recommend your tour to anyone who wants to see Italian automotive present and history. I hope our paths cross again sometimes.
George and Jake – USA

I was on your tour and I wanted to tell you how wonderful it was. There was some miscommunication in the beginning, but I sincerely appreciated your efforts to really make the day an incredible experience for me. Your knowledge about the cars and its manufacturers as well as the relationships you have created with them really showed throughout the tour - this was a once in a lifetime type of experience. The Ducati tour on Saturday went very smoothly, and the taxis all arrived on time as planned. I wasn't able to find your friend there, but the staff was all very accommodating to my needs. Unfortunately it was a very busy day since there were so many people there on the tour, so compared to the VIP style tour that you gave, I was definitely spoiled by the experience from Pagani, Ferrari, and Lamborghini. Again Francesco, thank you for everything! Grazie!
Brian Kim - USA

I would like to thank you again for an amazing and memorable day, it was definitely an experience that I will never forget. As a car enthusiast I feel very fortunate to have visited the production floors of such prestigious and impressive companies such as Lamborghini and Ducati, also your personal knowledge and background and made the experience very insightful, I had a great experience and I learned a lot. I enjoyed the uniqueness of each factory but my favorite factory was Lamborghini, followed by Ferrari (seeing the FXX on the test track), Pagani and then Ducati. Thanks.
Matt Hoyt - USA

Francesco, I wanted to say thanks for a wonderful tour!!! Your knowledge and the way you were able to talk on the different aspects of all the exotics was great. I enjoyed meeting you and hope your business has continued success. Many thanks.
Mickey Hardy - USA

I wanted to tell you that the Motorstars Tour that Cheryl and I took was one of the big highlights of our trip to Italy. I wanted to see the automobile factories and museums (which Cheryl actually really enjoyed), and we both wanted to visit the balsamic vinegar and "Parmigiano Reggiano" factories. Trying to plan these tours and sights on our own would have been impossible. Not only did we get to see all of the places mentioned, but to get picked up and dropped off at our hotel was unbelievable. We figured that you saved us at least 1 full day of travel and planning, and the fact that we did not have to take 1 train or rent a car was priceless. Your connections with all of the people at the factories made it feel like we were having a private VIP tour. I will recommend it to anyone traveling to the Bologna/Modena area. I still think you should raise your prices, (but not for us of course next it!), because the value is really unbelievable. Pagani Zonda Museums Factory Tour. It was a pleasure meeting you, and thanks again for your hospitality and patience. You were a wonderful host! Grazie and ciao!
Ken and Cheryl - USA

This is Igor and Maria writing from Prague! So, your tour was marvelous!! Ingredients were mixed in the exact proportions not to be bored (we did take the tour No. 5). Everybody behaved nice to us (of course because they know Francesco), there was no problem whatsoever. We did book del Borgo Hotel, arrived, were picked up, were bringed back, were feeded well. We saw things we could probably would never see in our lives. Pagani Zonda Museums Factory Tour. Full service, nice end of our honeymoon trip to Italy.
Maria and Igor – CZECH REPUBLIC

Well, I did it. I just bought a new F- 430 F1
I really like it. It was that day we spent at Lamborghini and Ferrari that convinced me to make the purchase. Francesco, if you ever come to the San Jose/San Francisco area, give me a call and we’ll go for a spin! When I get out there next, I think I’d like to take the Maserati and Ducati tours. Take care.
Wayne - USA
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