Visit Motor Valley factories and museums from Bologna Modena Italy

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Visit Motor Valley factories and museums from Bologna Modena Italy

Thank you for being such an excellent guide and host for the day.
I would highly recommend MotorStars for any one visiting Italy. Thanks again for my Ferrari and Lamborghini Factory tours from Modena. You have a great tour vehicle, an excellent itinerary and you certainly know all the important facts, figures, details and inside information to make your tour a highlight of my holiday.
Ian McKinnon - UK

Hello Francesco,
It’s Huong Le here. I have finally made it home to Australia.
Ivan and I would like to thank you for a delightful tour. It was a highlight of our trip to spend a day with you and those magnificent cars.
We especially appreciate the effort that you have put into your tours to make them informative and the passion that you showed for those lovely Ferraris is infectious. We would also like to thank you for taking such good care of us.
We wish you all the luck with your tours and we will certainly be telling all of our friends to join one of your tours when they visit Bologna.

Thank you for an amazing tour. It was great, all the information you were able to provide the both of us, the humor you supplied, and just the overall atmosphere you provided really gave me an amazing experience. I hope these pictures work for you. If you do use them, please give me credit though, if you don't mind (even as simple as "Photo taken by Joe Wengloski"). Thank you so much. Best of luck to you in the future!
P.S. your photos came out great! I think you should take up a side job of photography!
All the best,
Joseph Wengloski Junior, Industrial Design at Philadelphia University - USA

Dear Francesco
I just wanted to email to say thank you very much for our tour with you - we thought it was brilliant. What made it so special was your insider knowledge and experience - without it we wouldn't have learnt so much and we wouldn't have had the opportunity to visit so many car-related places.
The highlight of my husband's holiday was seeing Felipe on the Ferrari test track and getting an unexpected tour of the Lamborghini factory.
We also really enjoyed our lunch in the local cafe and I'm using my parmesan cheese in lots of recipes!
Many thanks again
Kelly - CANADA

Dear Mr. Francesco,
Thank you for your wonderful Motorstars tour at last week in Italy. I just return to Japan at 17 Oct.
And I talked with my friend who work in Travel Agency, N-1 Tours, about your tours. I gave your business card to him and asked to contact with you recently. So please wait for e-mail or mail from them.
Someday, I hope to drive Lamborghini Countach and other models.
Kana and Kazumitsu Yoneyama - JAPAN

Hello Francesco,
My wife and I were on our honeymoon in Italy and stopped by Modena on Sept. 3rd 2009 for the tour. We were highly impressed by your knowledge of the history and facts about Lamborghini, Pagani and Ferrari! It was a once in a lifetime chance for us to meet Mr. Fabio Lamborghini, see how the Pagani Zonda F and S are made and also to visit the Ferrari museum. To top it off, driving an Ferrari Spider was an experience we will never forget!
Lamborghini & Ferrari driving experience in Italy.
Until we’re back in Italy, all the best and thanks again!
Kind Regards,
Dan & Mandi - CANADA

It has been several weeks since Marc and I came on the tour of Lamborghini, Pagani and Ferrari with you. You may not remember us but we are the two mid-twenties Australian blokes that got to meet Mr Lamborghini, Mr Pagani and Mr Balboni with you. I had made you a promise to send through some photos once I could and to post a review of the day on my website. I have now done that.
Please follow the link for my story.
Thank you once again Francesco, you were an amazing tour guide for us.
I hope we can stay in touch in the future, let me know if you expand the business anymore I'd love to hear how it is all going.
Sam Gabell - AUSTRALIA

Hello Francesco!
I'd like to thank you once again for your excellent guided tour for my girlfriend, Matt and myself!
It was very special for me and my girlfriend also enjoyed it very much.
You are a brilliant guide and really have the right attitude with service and knowledge. You really enjoy your work and that's something the customers notice and like.
I'm planning a trip to Monza for the 2010 F1. We are a bunch of guys doing this, as we talked about. I'll definitely want to take another tour with you when I go to Monza. I think the other guys will want this as well.
Anyway, when the time comes, I'll get in touch.
Next time, I'll really want to hear some motor sound and see some cars on the road at Pagani :-)
By the way, I spotted you in the YouTube video of the Zonda R!
Until next time, take care and we wish you all the best and success with your business and your new Mercedes van!
Best Regards,
Stig Jacobsen - NORWAY

Ciao Francesco,
We finally made it back home to Australia and bought with us some wonderful memories of a great holiday in Italy...
Thank you so much to Motorstars Tours for an experience of a lifetime We thoroughly enjoyed it and my son Joseph is the envy of all his friends with the photos and story....It was an absolute pleasure to meet you both
We wish you both all the best for the future...
Please if you come to Australia let us know we would love to swap roles and be tour guide for you...Opera, Harbour bridge etc.
once again many thanks
Gelsomina and Joseph Frisina - AUSTRALIA

El tour por las fabricas fue excelentes, conocer como se fabrican los Lamborghini y las motos Ducati fue una experiencia inolvidable, que jamas pense que se cumpliria, visitar el museo de Ferrari y conocer esas bellas maquinas de F1 fue como estar en el circo... La parada en los quesos, toda una delicia....Todo excelente 100% recomendable, para los turistas de habla Hispana.
Jacqueline & Rodrigo
Viña del Mar - CHILE

Hi Francesco
Just a short message thanking you for a wonderful day spent with you recently. It was the day they road tested the Zonda R. It was the highlight of my European holiday. I discovered a video of this road test on , search for Zonda r and it is in the section Planet Evo. I can see myself taking photos in the video. I have given your business card to my travel agent so hopefully you may get some more New Zealanders on you tours.
Kind regards
Peter Noble Adams – NEW ZEALAND

I just wanted to say thanks again.
Today was amazing and I definitely will never forget it!
You did an awesome job and I have no doubt your business will keep growing.
Keep up the good work. Keep in touch! You never know, if I start building my own supercar someday, you may be getting a call from me!
Take care,
Matt Morrison - USA

We had the most amazing time on you tour.
It was funny how you knew almost everyone and they treated you as one of the guys. You should hire your girlfriend full-time; she was a pleasure to ride with.
Kind regards,
Joseph & Casey - AUSTRALIA

Hey buddy its Lorenzo from Australia this is the picture of me and you at Ferrari I had a unbelievable time on your tour I tell every body about it I cant wait to come back so you can organize another tour for me.
You will see there are some photos of my Harley Davidson these pictures were done for a magazine the girl is not my girl friend she is a model they used, NOT bad hey!
"Grazie tanto Francesco" and I look forward to coming back.
ps: If you come to Australia let me know so we can catch up...
Ciao Lorenzo - AUSTRALIA

We have been so busy upon our return from Italy, I apologize for not writing sooner. I hope you are well. Thank you so very much for the delightful day we spent touring with you. In addition to the magnificent automobiles and factories, we also enjoyed your inside knowledge of the cars and companies, as well as your warm and kind personality. I knew my son and I would find the day to be the highlight of our trip, but even my wife and daughter did as well. Thank you for making it as interesting and enjoyable for them as it was for me.
I cannot think of anything about your tour that I would change, as the cars, visitors centers, and factories were all incredible. Even lunch was a treat. It is daunting to think how much less our brief stay in Modena would have been without your guidance and expertise. We would have missed so much.
I strongly recommend that anyone who is even modestly interested in Italian supercars, racing, or automotive design and history should take your tour. I saw more fantastic cars and learned more about the men and the companies that created them, than I ever expected to.
And yet, I plan to return to do it again at the first opportunity!
I wish you well, my friend, and I hope for your continued success. If I may be a reference for you and your tour, I would be pleased to do so.
With kind regards,
Rick Helm, Casey Pitinga, Colin and Carys Helm (Seattle) - USA

Dear Francesco,
My parents are just coming back from "Italia" and they are so happy.
It was "wonderful" they said and ‘Francesco was so professional, he really knows everyone...’
Personally, I really want to thank you for all your work.
You deserve your great reputation.
Hopefully, our roads may cross again.
Best regards,
Micheline & Gilles - FRANCE

We have been so busy since we returned home that I haven't had time to thank you for such a great day touring the car and Ducati plants. Everything worked out so nicely and I will recommend your services to anybody thinking about doing what we did. Thanks again and have a great summer
Jennie Cooper - USA

Dear Francesco,
Just to say hi and thanks again for such an enjoyable day when you took us around the car factories and museums a couple of weeks ago.
We had a really memorable time and had a lot of fun with you on your tour.
A few photos from our day can be found here!
Take it easy! Cheers
Larry and Tim - UK

Hallo Francesco!
Thank you for the wonderful tour!
We really had a great time with you and Denise, of course =))
Cathy Katz, Društvo Studentov Strojništva - SLOVENIA

Hey Francesco
I just wanted to say that was the best tour of my life and I would do it over and over again if I had the chance. You were a great tour guide and very friendly, Hope you continue Motor Stars so I could do it again in the future!!!
Good Luck
Stanley - USA

Hi Francesco,
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful tour!
You are not only extremely knowledgeable but your passion for the autos is contagious! You are very kind and we appreciate your compassion that day also. We hope to see you again and will always be happy to give a positive reference if ever needed.
Cathy Katz - USA

We loved the tour!
The Pagani facility was especially amazing. We have recommended the tour to all our friends. Thank you for a wonderful day.
Lance Czaplewski & Amanda Souder - USA

The tour was not what I expected, actually it was much more.
A lovely day started from the small town of Modena, following amazing trips to Ferrari, Pagani and balsamic vinegar maker in the countryside. Surprisingly I got a look at the real factory of Pagani.
It's not what you could see anywhere. When we walked into the small villa, the house was surrounded by woods in the sunset. I could imagine how they filmed the movie there... It was great. Thank you!
Amber - TAIWAN

como estas, lamentablemente olvide enviarte alguna foto de la excelente excursión que no organisaste.Espero poder volver pronto ,si es que la locura financiera del mundo nos lo permite. Pero como aquí en Argentina todo siempre funciona al revés asi que es probable que podamos hacerlo.
Un fuerte abrazo y feliz 2009.
Jose Maria Di Giorgio - ARGENTINA
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