Visit Ducati factory and museum from Bologna Modena Italy

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Visit Ducati factory and museum from Bologna Modena Italy

Thanks for an amazing trip this summer! I really enjoyed the day we spent with you, and I'm sure Haakon . I think you remember him. That enthusiastic and really lucky little boy who couldn't stop shouting WHOA! at each car we passed. Especially for the Pagani factory tour and Pagani museum tour. You're a really good guide, and the day couldn't have been much better! So thanks a lot! And Merry Christmas!
Haakon, Ketil and Kristin - NORWAY

Francesco, Warm wishes for a wonderful and prosperous 2008 to you and your family! 2007 will always be a special year for William and I as we will always remember our fantastic visit to Italy, and especially your tour. It was truly the highlight of our trip, and we still discuss it almost daily. We will never forget your passion and enthusiasm; you spoke from the heart and treated us like family and we will be forever grateful to you for educating us and opening our eyes to the wonderful tradition of Italian automobiles. You have inspired William's interest in the auto industry, and he is now considering a career in the auto industry! When we return to Italy, we will be certain to contact you again. I have recommended your tour to everyone I have met that is travelling to Italy, and to some of my business contacts in the auto industry. If you are travelling to Philadelphia, please contact us as we would like to show you the Manheim auto auction, the largest in the world, near Philadelphia.
Leonard Muscelli - USA

Hey Francesco,
This tour was even better than the last time. Keep up the fantastic tours and enjoy the pictures. Until next time.
Trent and Kristin Wolford - USA

I booked this trip as a surprise for my husbands birthday as he loves anything to do with cars & bikes. Booking such a trip from an internet site abroad is pretty daunting as you don't know what you will be getting for your money. We need not have worried! Francesco’s friendliness, enthusiasm and knowledge were absolutely fantastic and made the day thoroughly enjoyable, even for someone who is not so keen on cars an bikes!. Thank you so much Francesco for a wonderful and memorable day and we hope to be back in the future for another tour.
Clive and Marion Nicholson - UK

Thanks for the wonderful tour. Even my wife (who is not much of a car person) thoroughly enjoyed the day. We were impressed by your knowledge and passion and we couldn't have asked for a better guide. We wish you all the best!

Thanks Francesco for the great day touring the museums and factories. It was a special experience to go inside on the factory floor of Lamborghini and Ducati but the time in the Ferrari Galleria was a something that I have always wanted to do and was made even more memorable to have you as our guide with your wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm.
Glenn Firth - AUSTRALIA

Thank you once again for such an amazing day. We loved your tour, and it was the highlight of our trip to Italy. Francesco couldn't have done any better as a guide, and he defiantly showed his passion and knowledge for motorsports. Ferrari Factory Tours Modena. Every aspect of the visit was superb, and could never be done by anybody else. The trip was magnificent, and is something that cannot be matched by anything else.
Will and Len Muscelli - USA

Thanks very much for making our trip to the Modena area unforgettably enjoyable. Your technical and historical knowledge, patience, and affableness made the tour delightful and provided a greater depth of understanding to these amazing and beautiful automobiles. You went the extra mile to accommodate for our needs. Every time I now see a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, or Pagani, I will remember our time with you. I will highly recommend you to our auto aficionado friends on their next trip to Italy. Thanks again for making the Motorstars experience one of the highlights of our trip to Italy!
Jusson – USA

Wow, your tour was so much more then what we expected!! We will never forget the day. We were so impressed on how you were able to take us behind the scenes at Lamborghini and Pagani. You really went out of your way to tailor the tour to our interests. We loved seeing the Ferrari’s race around the track. Thank you again for a fantastic day, it one of our best days in Italy.
Doug & Paeten - USA

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for the very special day we had. Visiting the Lamborghini factory was indeed a once in a life time experience! The Ducati Factory and Ferrari Museum were like the icing on the cake!!
Francesco, your knowledge and enthusiasm kept the tour lively through out the day… we had an absolutely fantastic time.
All the very best for your future…hope we can make it back for the another tour someday!
Suchitra & Samir - UK

One more time, we would like to thank you for all the tour and the special visit that you gave us ! I'm sure we won't forget this never ever !
More fore, our invitation for your vacation here in Brazil is more than up !!!
Best Regards and Arrivederci !
Erico and Friends - BRAZIL

Roy and I would like to thank you for such a great day. The tour was very informative, probably because of your deep knowledge of not only the history of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati but of cars in general. Your very laid back slow moving approach to the day allowed us to enjoy every minute of it, never feeling rushed. Ferrari Factory Tours Modena. We would highly recommend Motorstars to anyone interested in such an experience.
Clarence and Roy - CANADA

Francesco, we wish communicate to you our thanks and thoughts on the incredible Motorstars tour that you gave to both my son and I. Attached are several pics of our adventure with you and the almost unheard of ride that you were able to arrange for my son and I with world famous Lamborghini test drive Valentino Balboni. Driving in a Lamborghini driven by Valentino was the ULTIMATE experience of a lifetime.
During our 16 day trip from Amsterdam to Rome, I will say without a doubt that our stop in Modena for our tour with you was THE highlight of the trip. Your inside knowledge and experience cannot be given or obtained by other tour guides. You worked and breathed in these factories. No one knows them better. Walking in the assembly line with you and having the workers talk to you personally made me know that this was not just a tour for tourists but for car enthusiasts. I hope to one day have another great tour with you.
Bob & Jon - USA

Thank you so much for an unforgettable day! Your experience, knowledge and passion for fine automobiles enhanced a great tour! I'm not sure if the highlight was my grandson & I take a riding in the Testarossa, or spending over an hour on the floor of the assembly plant of Lamborghini talking to the technicians! We are so spoiled now; Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, the Cavallino Restaurant and then the cheese at the farm! I have recommended Motorstars to the Pacific Northwest Lamborghini & Ferrari club as THE tour to take! Good luck & thanks for the memories!!
Scott, Levi, Matthew, Ed - USA

Are trip was great! Fabulous! Wow! the photos and my video our awesome! Thanks so much for everything you did for us, I can't stop talking about are day, & dreams, Thanks for the info. I will pass on to all my friends, and here our some photos for you & your site please stay in touch or come see us in America. Thanks again.
Tom Ramsey - USA

We can thoroughly recommend spending the day with Francesco at MOTOSTARS. There is no way we could have seen as much or had the inside information that Francesco posses that makes his tours so special.
Nigel and Bridget - AUSTRALIA

We just got back last week from Italy and my boys can't stop talking about the Lamborghinis and the Ferraris that the saw. Of course, the Pagani dealership topped it all. We wanted to thank you once again for a great day and the fact that you went out of your way to take us to the Pagani dealership, was truly appreciated. You have a great tour going, and are so knowledgeable, and that is what made the day so special. We hope that your business thrives and we will surely be recommending your tour to anybody who is interested. Regards.
Nariman Family - USA

It has been a few months since we visited Italy; and our Motor Stars tour with Francesco is still the highlight of our trip! The personal tour of Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari and Ducati (Tour #1) was amazing! Francesco’s knowledge of the industry is apparent in your first minutes with him. He has developed key relationships and contacts at each sight to help you move swiftly through your day. Francesco’s knowledge, charm and wit appealed to our entire audience (2 car enthusiasts, 2 women and a 5 yr old child). He answered all our car questions, general Italy questions, and assisted in the entertainment of our 5 year old. We recommend Motor Stars (and Francesco) to car enthusiasts, or any interested parties, young and old. Good Luck, Francesco! Ciao!
Michele, Matt, Kristina, Chuck and Camryn - USA

Dear Francesco-san and Tomoko-san, thank you very much for beautiful trip and hospitality. We were really satisfied with seeing legendry Italian factories, so my dreams come true. We wish we can visit to Bologna again someday!
Megumi - JAPAN

Many thanks for a wonderful day. The visits to Lamborghini and, especially, Pagani were very special events in a lifetime of passion for motor sport and performance cars. The model Zonda (autographed by Horacio Pagani himself, thanks to you) sits in pride of place in my study as a permanent reminder of a great day and of your enthusiasm for all things motor sport.
Ted Davison - UK

I just wanted to say that my Dad, absolutely loved his day out with Motorstars. He thought it was really well organized and thought your passion and interest in the cars really came across so thank you for helping to make his birthday special!
Joanna Manser - UK
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