Visit Zonda factory in Italy, Zonda factory and museum tours in Italy

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Visit the Zonda factory in Italy, Zonda factory and museum tours in Italy

This tour was one “Husband's dream day come true”
My husband and I had planned a trip to Italy early last year and the only thing he asked me to include in the itinerary was a trip to the Ferrari factory and Ferrari museum in Maranello.After months of searching how to get to Maranello from Bologna I stumbled across a review of Motorstars something I'm very glad I did.
We had chosen the Ferrari, Ducati and Lamborghini tour and it was the best day of the holiday for my husband. From the start the tour was informative and exciting.
Francesco had played video's of each of the museums we were visiting which gave us an insight into the minds behind these wonderful car and bike manufacturers.
A big thumbs up to our guide Francesco who is so passionate about his job and for organizing the Ferrari drive for my hubby. He was full of knowledge on all the manufacturers. Ferrari Museum Bologna. Best Super Car Factories and Museums you can visit in Italy.
A special and memorable day indeed and definitely well worth the money.

“What A Great Way To Celebrate Your Birthday”
Coming all the way from Australia was worth the travel, at the end of my Italy holiday (4 weeks), I saved the best for last and I am so glade I did.
I traveled to Bologna by train from Roma and spend a night at a hotel.
I had a Ducati, Ferrari and Lamborghini Tour on the way and I knew the next morning I was going to be so excited.
Not only I was going on the Motorstars Tour but on this day it was my birthday (24th October) and what better way to treat yourself to.
The tour started off with the Ducati Factory and Museum, it was lots for words, the tour guide was great help and it was great to see how the factory operators.
On our way to the Ferrari’s Factory and Museum was something I never dream of, with Francesco telling us so much history about how it all started with Enzo Ferrari the founder of the Scuderia Ferrari and Grand Prix motor racing to building such great sports cars.
Now for a drive in a Ferrari doing over XXX km/h + was a great experience I will never forget and the footage was recorded, loved every minute of it.
On our way to the Lamborghini Factory and Museum was also great and to learn much more about the man and his dream. It was wealth every cent $$$. And I will do it again!!!
At the end of the tour I had a smile on my face from ear to ear and if I ever go back (which I will) I will definitely go on the Motorstars Tour again.
I have been a rev head since the day I was born and the knowledge I know about the sports cars industrial but with Francesco on tour, and the information he provided us on the tour was so over welling.
Thank you so much Francesco for your time and we hope to see you again soon

“A Day for the Guys!”
We booked a small group tour to Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Pagani leaving from Bologna. This was a day set aside specifically for our husbands during our tour of Italy, but my sister and I secretly enjoyed it also!!!
Francesco was our very informative guide, having worked at all three factories.
He had such a contagious enthusiasm for the cars. His personal tour of the Ferrari Museum was great.
The smile on my brother-in-law's face was priceless as he returned from driving a Ferrari. I know we all especially enjoyed the Pagani factory as we were unfamiliar with that particular car.
By the end of the tour we were sold on Pagani' if we could only afford one!!!
Francesco did a great job explaining how the Pagani is completed, and we got to see two completed cars on the factory (very small factory) floor.
Great, great day...a must if you are a car aficionado and in the area.
Best Super Car Factories and Museums you can visit in Italy.
PPhelps74 - USA

We visited Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani with Francisco. It was an excellent day and well worth the money for Francesco's guidance.
The day was very well organized and benefited considerably from Francesco's genuinely expert knowledge as an ex-employee of all three factories.
It would be very difficult, perhaps impossible, to visit these three locations freelance and to enjoy the same access that we experienced.
ConcreteCowgirl - UK

“FUN and interesting!”
Like the majority of previous reviews, we too had a fabulous day.
Having seen the Ferrari's (Maranello) on a previous visit, Francesco's 'inside' knowledge and passion made this second visit even more exciting.
Our highlight was the Pagani factory.
We were fortunate to visit when a completed car was in the showroom - what a magnificent beast!
Thank you Francesco.
AnkicaPerth - AUSTRALIA

“A great day for petrol heads!!”
I traveled to Italy in September 2012 with two other petrol heads to celebrate our 50th birthdays. Francesco had been recommended by another friend and we were not disappointed with the tour. We were met promptly in Bologna and taken to Maranello where a few of us took the opportunity to drive Lamborghinis and Ferraris at Push Start. We were then taken on a guided tour of the Ferrari museum. Following lunch there was a bus tour of the Ferrari factory before heading off to Pagani. Our last stop of the day was in Sant'Agata where we visited the Ferruccio Lamborghini museum, unfortunately we were unable to visit the Lamborghini factory and its museum (the management were not allowing factory tours on certain days in September) but this more than made up for it as the 6 of us on the tour had the museum to ourselves and our tour guide was Fabio Lamborghini (nephew of Ferruccio). Francesco then dropped us off in central Bologna (he did offer to take us our hotel) to end a fantastic day.
Andy B - UK

Dear Francesco,
On behalf of myself, David and Martyn I would like to say thank you very much for the fantastic tour on 18th September. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole day from the driving experience to the guided museum/factory tours. Should anyone I know be travelling to Bologna I will not hesitate to recommend your tours.
Thank you once again. Best Super Car Factories and Museums you can visit in Italy.
Best regards
Andrea Barber - USA

“AMAZING tours, an absolute MUST!!!!”
We traveled to Italy in September 2012 to go to the Monza F1 Grand Prix. We found Motorstars online and what a find it was!!!!
Our guide, Francesco, met us very promptly, at the agreed meeting spot. After a warm and friendly reception from Francesco we got onboard the gorgeous, modern and clean Mercedes bus, beautifully air conditioned and very comfortable. After a brief chat with Francesco about what the day entailed, our journey began. The televisions installed into the people carrier were fantastic, and the videos we were shown on the way to each museum/factory were excellent, and really whet our appetites for what was to come!
On arrival to each museum/factory, everything was very slick and clearly very well organized by Francesco, No waiting around or delays, and nothing to sort out, Francesco took car of everything for us. On each tour, his knowledge was second to none, he knows every detail about each and every car and bike and his sheer passion for motorsport was evident throughout the day. Attention to detail was excellent, for example, Francesco showed videos on his iPad throughout tours, and even had bits and bobs such as a piece of carbon fiber in his bag to help his explanations!
We both drove a Ferrari which is an absolute MUST in Maranello- what an experience!!!!
Could talk about what a great experience this was all day, but overall, an excellent, very well organized, exciting and informative day, that you'll never forget. We are so glad we visited Ferrari and Lamborghini with Motorstars and not independently, as we gained a lot more from the experience with such a fantastic guide that what we would have done on our own.
That great that we're booking to go back in a few months to do the Pagani and Ducati tours!! Would go with anyone else!!
Thank you Motorstars!!!
emmyh86 - UK

Dear Francesco,
I've just returned from a great eight day long vacation in Italy.
Italy is amazing, the views and unique atmosphere were a great pleasure to experience. But I have to say, probably the main reason I wanted to come visit was one of the things Italy is best known for, it's automotive industry.
I was more than happy to find Motorstars during a quick Googling since it seemed to pack exactly what I wanted to experience.
After touring with you last Monday I think there is only one way I can conclude the day and basically the whole trip... THANK YOU FRANCESCO :-)
The tour is so well planned and expertly guided by you. I've learned and seen so many new things and really felt that I am part of a top class tour.
I will definitely recommend your tour to others.
I wish you the the best and to keep on going and making vehicle enthusiasts from around the world dreams come true :-)
G.Manor – ISRAEL

Firstly, i just wanted to say a huge thanks for such an amazing tour of Ferrari and Lamborghini last week, myself and David thoroughly enjoyed every minute, and haven’t stopped talking about it since. We really want to come back to Italy and stay in Maranello, and would like to do the Pagani and Ducati tour with you. (David's dying to get back in the driving seat of a Ferrari again too!!!) We're thinking of coming out again maybe in February for a few days, when do you do the Pagani and Ducati tours?
We had a great time at Monza at the weekend, we've been to many races but nothing compared to the atmosphere and clear passion of the fans in Italy!!!
Once again we were delighted with the service that you provided, and will be spreading the word and recommending your tours to all our friends who are passionate about motorsports.
Emma and David - UK

Great Experience
Like so many fellow Trip Advisor reviewers, we found this day to be a wonderful experience. Not only was the tour filled with the attractions Francesco describes, but his personality and tremendous knowledge add to it. It's hard to beat the excitement of seeing these cars up close, but Francesco ensures that you learn the history as well as appreciate the art. thanks for a great day in August!
FlightofFancy1062 - USA

Ciao Francesco!
Thank you again for such a wonderful tour last week. I had been looking forward to it for months! Seeing the Pagani factory was a dream come true. I have been following the story of Mr. Pagani since the C12 was unveiled - I love it!
I put the video of me driving the Aventador on YouTube... please feel free to use it for MotorStars. Best Super Car Factories and Museums you can visit in Italy.
Bruno and Frances – CANADA

Wow! What an experience
Francesco is the man if you want to learn more about Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Pagani. He picked us up promptly in Bologna at the agreed to location and the adventure began! We started with the Ferrari Museum. Francesco supplements his vast knowledge with a portable computer which adds relevant, additional facts and brief film clips where appropriate. The entire tour is extremely professional and well done. We followed with a brief lunch, a tour of the Ferrari factory and then the Driving Experience! The Driving Experience is NOT to be missed - one big item off of my Bucket List. The Ferrari California is absolutely fantastic. The day could have ended there and I would have been happy. Next stop was Pagani - fascinating factory and some unbelievable machines. Finally, we went to the Lamborghini museum as the factory was closed. Very interesting display of the vast array of Lamborghini's endeavors including tractors, the air conditioner (yes, Lamborghini made an air conditioner) and the Pope-mobile. Francesco's tour is well worth the price of admission and an experience that should not be passed over.
Dennis A. B. - USA

A great day
I knew this would be a good day and it sure was. Just happened that all other people on tour were also Australian so that made it even better. We did the Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani tour with the highlight being the Pagani Factory. He does offer drives in Ferraris etc but did not take that up as you can do that sort of thing elsewhere for much better value, however one of the guys on the tour drove the Aventador for 200euro for 10 min as said it was great. Francesco was very knowledgeable but a little dual personality, fantastic when it came to the tour but when trying to ask more particularly whilst driving did not like to answer saying he had to concentrate whereas he had no issue talking on the phone and flicking through sheets (at the same time) to organize our lunch whilst dodging traffic. However, I would still happily recommend.

Francesco Bini was fantastic and so was the tour
This was "THE" best part of my Italy tour.
Totally fantastic / mind blowing etc etc..... This is a highly recommended tour for any one touring Italy . Being a super cars fan, I thoroughly enjoyed this tour .
We visited the Lamborghini museum / factory tour, Ferrari museum / factory tour and the Pagani factory tour.
And Francesco was brilliant. On time on the spot to pick us up. Very loyal/ friendly / knowledgeable guide.( he was the best guide on our Italy tour). I did the Lamborghini and Ferrari test drives also. Amazing experience.
The only thing I would suggest to avoid is the Ferrari factory tour. Not worth at all.
But that's not the Motorstars fault, it's just that Ferrari does not allow the public to tour the factory. Definitely worth all the money spent.
Aneel - INDIA

Road Trip to Italy
... But the real reason for this article is to talk about my day checking out the competition at Ferrari and Lamborghini. I signed up for an excellent tour under the auspices of
This is actually a one man show put on by Francesco and his Mercedes 8 passenger “taxi”.
Francesco puts on a class act from start to finish. After picking me up at the Bologna train station, we drove about 45 minutes to Modena and the Lamborghini factory. According to his website, factory tours at Lamborghini had been suspended due to the recent earthquake but I was in luck, as they had just re-established tours the previous day.
The Lamborghini factory tour is very up close and personal.
Lamborghini takes small groups directly onto the factory floor, under the guidance of an experienced tour guide. As an engineer, I was fascinated to see how their little assembly line works. ...
Harvey Ferris - USA

Hi Dave here.
I attended the Pagani Ferrari and Lamborghini tour in May this year and could not have asked for anything better.
One of the best days of my year 24 old life and the you drive option, what an opportunity to experience something so special.
To add to the great cars and museums, a perfect tour guide Francesco.
His knowledge and charisma are as good as you'll find and make the day an absolute joy.
Thank you so much Francesco.

Dear Francesco,
I just wanted to thank you for such a great tour on Wednesday.
It has really inspired me to pursue my dreams in the automotive industry much like yourself. I really enjoyed discussing your work in the industry and I hope to one day have the same wonderful memories. Your efforts to make your company professional showed with every aspect of the day executed to perfection.
I will be recommending you to all my friends who come to visit.
Thank you so much for the awesome day.
I hope all is well with you.
Zack S - USA

Even better than expected- good value even if you're a know-it-all like me.
Short Review:
Stop reading reviews and book the tour.
Long Review:
I have been passionate about sports cars (particularly Ferrari) practically since birth. I go to every show and vintage race I can and have near-encyclopedic knowledge. When my wife first suggested the Motorstars tour, I wasn't convinced we needed a guide. Francesco and Motorstars made the experience very special, both for myself *and* my wife (who is an *extremely* good sport). I have broken my review down into categories.
The Motorstars tour enabled us to see not only Ferrari, but also Lamborghini and a private Maserati collection. Without renting a car, it's not easy to get to Maranello, let alone get between Maranello and Sant'Agata Bolognese. Francesco was professional and punctual
Ferrari Factory:
Francesco used to work at Ferrari, and it shows. He drove us around the factory compound, including the back gate where they send out the cars for road-testing, the F1 complex and the gates of the Fiorano test track. The only way to see more would be to have your local dealer set up an inside tour (you have to be a Ferrari owner, and even then...)
Ferrari Museum:
The museum is excellent, as you would expect- it's almost sensory overload. Francesco gave us a very personal tour including additional video clips on his iPad. The staff there know him, and allow him broad leeway (at one point he dropped a penny through the nose of an F1 car to demonstrate how an air vent went all the way through- if I'd tried that I'd be in jail). The highest praise I can give is that even I learned things, and my wife was entertained throughout (until Francesco gave us time to wander on our own--then I was able to bore her thoroughly)
Lamborghini Factory & Museum:
Much better than expected- the museum collection is small, but interesting--lots of concept cars, the Countach prototype, and Lamborghini's F1 cars (remember those?). The tour of the assembly line is a MUST-SEE. My wife was particularly impressed, and it was great to see her as excited as I was. You'll never see anything like it. The only drawback is the strict no-photo policy on the line. Francesco was friendly with the Lamborghini staff too, and they allowed us to use an employee exit so we wouldn't get rained on.
Maserati Collection:
To be honest, I didn't expect much, but I was blown away. It turns out this "private collection" is the world-renowned Panini collection and includes what used to be Maserati's factory collection, and more besides. There's a 6CM, 8CM, ex-Fangio 250F, 300S, and even the Maserati 420/M58. There are dozens and dozens of vintage motorcycles as well (I didn't know Maserati made motorcycles!). Let me put it this way- there was so much to see I didn't bother taking any photos of the Mercedes 300SL Gullwing or the competition Jaguar E-Type. The collection is on a working dairy farm that supplies the Vatican with parmesan cheese. Francesco found someone to open up the dairy shop for us so we could try some.
You Drive Program:
You MUST do this. The program is run through another company, but Francesco handles all the logistics. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to drive a Ferrari on the roads around Maranello (right past the factory!), so go for the longest drive you can afford. Also, unlike similar programs I've read about in the States, they encouraged me to go full throttle to redline. The only times they told me to slow down were to get enough space for an acceleration run.
Jon. R. - USA

We did our Motorstars tour during our honeymoon in Italy.
We started from Bologna train station with few other visitors and our tour guide, Francesco.
At Lamborghini and Ducati we're able to visit all the assembly lines inside original factories and at the Ferrari museum, Francesco, explained us all the F1 cars.
It was really a fantastic experience, a tour definitely well organized.
During transfers between Bologna and Modena we also enjoyed watching the rural landscape of Italy.
Thanks again
Yoshi Aya - JAPAN

Buon giorno Francesco,
Now that we are home in Canada, Renzo and I would like to thank you again for a wonderful tour on May 11. Having the opportunities to drive a Lamborghini and a Ferrari were absolutely thrilling. Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Pagani continue the wonderful Italian tradition of creating works of art in every aspect of life, and we really enjoyed the entire experience.
Agnes P. - CANADA

Highly Recommended!
My wife and I joined Francesco in Bologna on April 24, 2012 for a tour of the Ferrari Museum, the Pagani Factory, and Lamborghini Factory. We were picked up at our hotel in his Mercedes Van, which included video screens in the back of the headrests displaying various videos of the upcoming Marques we were to see.
One of the options I chose for the day was to drive a Ferrari (458 Italia), which ended up being the first thing we did after the drive from Bologna to Maranello, so it was a nice surprise and got my pumped up for the rest of the day! Francesco was full of knowledge (having worked for both Ferrari and Pagani in the past) and insights that I very much doubt other tour companies could come close to matching. The tour of the Ferrari Museum was Fantastic... more than I could've imagined, with Francesco taking us through all the exhibits and giving us just the right amount of time for photos/videos prior to our lunch.
We were served some delicious pasta with Bolognese sauce as we sat and gazed out at a 599GTB that just happened to be parked outside. We then went on to the Pagani Factory for an intimate look at, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful cars in history. Francesco's ability to move amongst the employees, grabbing pieces of carbon fiber, moving us in and out of various sections of the (small) facility, and talking with the workers was outstanding. Lamborghini was the last manufacturer of the day and was a fitting end to an experience we'll never forget.
I hope to visit again in the coming years and bring my brother and his wife along for the ride.
Very Well Done!!!
Craig S. - USA

A Brilliant Day
Thanks very much Francesco.
We went to Ferrari, Lamborghini and Ducati. Francesco is a good laugh and very knowledgeable. I am no biker but found Ducati fascinating.
Ferrari are a bit tight with what you are allowed to see but there is nothing Francesco can do about that! The whole day was great fun, very interesting and a must-see for anyone staying in the area.
Andrew M. - UK

Visit to Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati Collection
I had a wonderful day with Francesco and I would thoroughly recommend this attraction to anyone visiting Bologna or nearby. I went to the Lamborghini museum, Lamborghini Factory tour, Ferrari Museum and Maserati collection. I didn't take the option of a drive in a Ferrari as being from Australia I thought driving a high powered car on the wrong side of the road was a little too risky.
John one of the other people on the tour did and had a great time.
Francesco was a wonderful host and dropped me back at my Hotel saving me a trip home in the cold and rain on the bus.

I am very happy to have found this website and learned about MOTORSTARS' fantastic tour services.
My ultimate goal for visiting Italy was to see the factories of Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Pagani as well as to drive a Ferrari 458 Italia on the streets of Maranello.
I owe it all to the very friendly, kind, and attentive Francesco Bini and MOTORSTARS for such a great experience!
I was so mesmerized with Francesco's stories of his experiences and vast knowledge of the heritage throughout all of the supercar makers that I almost forgot to take pictures!
The Mercedes van was very comfortable and a fun ride in the snow ;).
Francesco was always very accommodating.
I really appreciated the pick up and drop off service.
Usually he schedules the test drive part after the Ferrari tour, but while on the way to Maranello it started to snow so he called his friends at Push Start to make sure I would be able to drive the 458 Italia before it got too dangerous!
Che macchina! Only a minor change in the itinerary, but with Francesco's abilities, he adjusted for the change in weather and coordinated everything flawlessly.
You definitely exceeded all of my expectations and I must come back again to visit touring with MOTORSTARS!
Grazie mille Francesco!
Elliot - USA

It will be a fantastic day if you like cars and motorcycles
I joined tour of MOTORSTARS on February 17th, I went to each of
factory & museum Ducati, Lamborghini and Ferrari.
As for me, the trip to Italy was the first time, but MOTORSTARS
provided the very fantastic day for me.
Thank you very much for MOTORSTARS tour.
Especially Francesco guided for me very kindly and carefully
and I have enjoyed in the car that we go to the next factory
because Francesco talked about Ducati LAMBORGHINI and Ferrari to me.
Also, I was interested because he explained the details about the history and
the performance of the engine and famous scene of the F1 race.
Finally, I recommend you join MOTORSTARS tour,
if you go to Italy and you are interested in cars, motorcycles.
Takahiko Y. – JAPAN

We did the Lamborghini, Ferrari and Pagani tour on March 2. We had a fantastic day. Francesco has much knowledge on all the cars in the museums.
Your experience in the industry is great. It was you knew employees at each of the factories and museums.
My son Rick was very lucky to meet mr Pagani himself and he took some time with him. He gave Rick some great lessons in becoming a future car designer. He was even invited in his office and got some signed posters.
Thank you, Francesco.
Patrick & Rick – THE NETHERLANDS

My son and I really enjoyed the tour with you last week. You were extremely polite, well prepared, and very knowledgeable. The van you use is top quality and your use of the in-seat DVD screens while in transit to show videos of the various factories was extremely valuable in preparing us for each visit and the transit times went very fast! It was also extremely convenient that you picked us up and dropped us off at the beginning and end of the day.
Your extensive experience in the industry became very obvious at each stop when you knew employees at each of the factories and museums.
This made each visit very special.
We will definitely be back with family members and friends.
Every request we made you were flexible and accommodated.
Thank you for helping our dream of visiting the Italian super
car sites come true!
Smith Family – USA

Thank you so much for the wonderful tour today!!!
Laura – USA

Thank you for the wonderful tour.
We had so much fun.
My wife is not really interested in cars and she talked about the tour for months after it, thanks to you new appreciated your enthusiasm and knowledge.
This tour is one of a kind.
We look forward to the next one with you.
Daniel – CANADA

Thanks for a great day, Francesco
Just wanted to let you know we had a great time on the tour and to say thanks for the day.
Some friends of ours (Australian father and daughter) also just did the tour with you and had a fantastic time (better day than when their kids were born lol).
I think he hired the California at Ferrari…
All the best for 2012 and hope the economic downturn doesn’t affect you too much.

The only way to tour the super car factories!”
I booked the tour after reading the reviews on tripadvisor - and I'm so glad I did! It was the best way to see the super car factories.
We were lucky, the snow had meant the previous day's tour had to be cancelled but there were still only 4 of us.
Francesco was brilliant - entertaining, informative, enthusiastic - the perfect tour guide.
We took the Pagani-Ferrari-Lamborghini tour and had the added benefits of seeing Mr Pagani himself on the 'factory' floor - and Felipe Massa hanging about in the Ferrari museum.
A great day out, many thanks to Francesco.

Trip of a lifetime
Francesco looked after us the entire day like royalty, his kind and thoughtful approach was a welcome treat and his knowledge of the history of the car makers really shed a different light to the people that made these great car companies.
Would definitely do again and recommend to anyone.
The lovely lunch in the cafe while Lamborghinis on their test runs zipped by was a bonus.
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