Visiting the Lamborghini Museum and seeing the Reventón

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Visiting the Lamborghini Museum and seeing the Reventón

Thank you so much for the Ferrari and Lamborghini Factory tours from Bologna. You have done so much more than you had to, to give my guests from Iran the best day of their live! Next time I organize a tour to Bologna I certainly come back to you with my guests.Kind regards, Jaschenka Meerlo
Pioneer Travels - NETHERLANDS

Dear Francesco,
We had a great time on the tour. It was a great surprise, to be given the opportunity to see the Lamborghini factory.
I can't believe the size and location of the Pagani Factory. It is truly amazing how a relatively small amount of people are able to produce such an outstanding car. Thanks for everything. Luxury Car Tour.
We really enjoyed the tour and would recommend it to any car enthusiast.
Greg and Tom - AUSTRALIA

Hi Francesco,
Thanks for the great time. It was a fabulous tour of the factories and museums. Truly a once in a life time experience.
Attached are a few of the pictures from the “Ferrari F1 Test” you arranged for me. Thanks!
Derek - USA

Big thanks to Francesco at MOTORSTARS - make sure his tour on your list of things to do in Modena (or Italy as a whole) for any petrol head!
Jonathan's Travel Blog
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Jonathan Chan – NEW ZEALAND

Ciao Francesco,
Thanks for a fabulous Tuesday (6th Oct). I had an amazing time and have been raving about your tour and my drive in the Gallardo to everyone I know as well as on TripAdvisor!
Visiting the Lamborghini Museum and seeing the Reventón up close is a dream come true. And being in the same room as the yet to be unveiled Pagani C9 is truly a lifetime experience! Pity we weren’t allowed to peek behind the screen but still, it was thrilling to know that the new Pagani model was a mere few feet away! You’re a truly wonderful guide; so knowledgeable, affable and accommodating. Thanks to your excellent commentary, I now know more about supercars. Luxury Car Tour.
I will definitely come back when the assembly line at the Lamborghini factory is once again open to the public!
All the best.
Kuala Lumpur - MALAYSIA

Dear Francesco,
As you know, I’m a huge fan of Motor Sports, especially Formula 1 racing, where Ferrari is my team of choice and therefore my passion.
I’m so glad that my wife was able to find you. The day that we spent with you truly became a highlight of our trip to Italy. It was exciting to visit Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ducati and the incredible Maserati Collection not just for me, but for my entire family. Just look at our happy faces in the photos taken during this tour and you’ll know what I mean. I only wish we would have more time to visit Pagani and Schedoni, but I guess this is what we will do next time we visit.
Driving through Maranello while listening to your racing history lesson made me have goose bumps, after all this is where it all happens! Now, when I watch my F1 races, especially Monza, where Fernando Alonso did an awesome job for Ferrari few weeks ago, I feel like I’m part of this huge Tifosi.
Francesco, I must admit that before I met you and experienced Motorstars, I thought I knew quite a bit about cars and racing in general, but you made me realized that in comparison to you, I knew very little.
So I really want to thank you for spending such quality time with us, for being so patient with all my questions, for providing me with such detailed and factual explanations and of course for making my dream come true! I will not hesitate to recommend you and Motorstars to any of my friends"
Best regards,
Michael Polissky, Boca Raton, Florida - USA

Dear Francesco
Once again, thank you for an amazing day on your factory tour. My son Jack and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
You were very considerate to us, polite and a true gentleman, we felt respected and enjoyed the historical and technical aspects you presented to us. The tour was well organized.
So I cannot recommend your services highly enough to any prospective customer.
I have included below the contact details of the cooking school you asked about. My wife and daughter really enjoyed their day, and the hosts were wonderful. They felt it was very good value for money and good fun, so recommend it.
Once again thank you
Ross Middleton - USA

The tour of the Motor Valley with you was a definite high point of our vacation in Italy! I enjoyed meeting you and Mr. Lamborghini, and the behind-the-scenes information and tours.
We'll definitely do it again, next time we are in Italy.
Alan Giagnocavo - USA

I cannot thank you enough or say enough good things about the tour. It was amazing, your knowledge is spectacular. The tour fulfilled many childhood dreams, most notably going to Ferrari and getting to drive not one, but two of them. I've told everyone I know that is in to cars that they must come see you.
Hope to get back and see you again with some friends very soon.
PS. Thanks for all the great photography work!

Bon giorno Francesco,
Again let me thank you for a great tour-in fact I am tempted to come back next year, since I still want to visit Ducati and perhaps the actual Lamborghini factory if it is open next year. I will be posting photos on Facebook, so who knows that you may be getting inquiries from others.
For me perhaps the most thrilling part was actually driving the 458 Italia. What a car! I know the car is Ferrari's latest release-at the time we drive the car on July 30, how many people do you think had actually driven the 458 Italia, worldwide?
Jim Gurganious - USA

Dear Motorstars,
it was a great pleasure to go on this tour because it was a privilege to see some highly exclusive cars like the Zonda Uno and the Prototype 350GTV Lamborghini, thank you Francesco and the team for arranging such a amazing tour featuring the most desirable cars with great service, it is an experience you shouldn't miss.
Your sincerely,
Samuel Lam – HONG KONG

Hello Francesco,
Thank you for a fantastic time while I was in Italy , your tour was just what I needed to make getting to the super car factories and locations easy and your background made it far more worth while.
I hope your tours continue and I wish you all the best for the future. I will be coming back to bologna in a couple of years with my wife and child and I look forward to getting out on your tour again. Luxury Car Tour. I will be linking your site to our Porsche group website and recommending our members use your tour when in Italy.
John Gausden – NEW ZEALAND

Hi Francesco
Thanks very much for the great day we had. Tom and I wont ever forget driving past the Ferrari factory gates at 90 mph in a Ferrari California it was a great experience. Meeting and having a photo taken with Horatio Pagani was also an unforgettable experience. Thanks once again for a Great day.
Dennis & Tom - UK

Hi this is Jim. Todd and I went on one of your great tours two weeks ago.
Also we meet you at the Pagani factory as your guest! That was so much fun!
We made a recommendation to one of our industry people that she and her friends contact you for one of your great tours!
Hope we can see you in Florida in the future when you can take time to relax!
I am sending you a picture of Todd and myself so you can remember us!
Best Regards
Jim - USA

We would like to thank-you for the brilliant day that you gave us.
The personal touches from morning to afternoon were what made the day. Your knowledge and passion for the cars is only matched by our eldest son. We still talk about the day and the things we got to see.
Having intimate knowledge inside both the Ferrari and Lamborghini companies gave us experiences that others may not have gotten on different tours. I know that our two sons will not forget the day, it was something of a dream of theirs. I know that they haven't forgotten that they got to sit in a Ferrari and be driven around the streets that surround the Ferrari Factory. Walking the Lamborghini assembly line was something that I personally won't forget. The lengths you went to, to be able to let us view inside the Factory.
Then to top it all off being allowed to sit in the only existing Lamborghini Polizia car.
Still saving for the Ducati.
Thank you so much for a wonderful day, we will return to complete the rest of the tour.
Paul, Eloise, Brodie and Hayden - AUSTRALIA

Hi Francesco
Just wanted to place this photo at you’re web page and tell everyone that they should just book a day with you and just sit back and enjoy all the knowledge about car’s and racing you have, WITH PASSION is just the right way to explain you.
Best luck further and greetings from Norway
Karl Eivind Bugodt - NORWAY

Hi Francesco,
Thank you so much for the tour. I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed myself that day!
Your knowledge and passion for cars shows when you're giving the tour, and you certainly know all the details and facts that make the tour worthwhile. There are things I've learnt that I won't forget, and that I wouldn't have learnt if I hadn't visited the museums and factories with you. The tour was of a high quality, good value for money and was relaxing enough to share a laugh with you over lunch and a coffee.
We visited Ferrari, Pagani and Lamborghini, however my favorite memory was driving the Ferrari F430 Scuderia around the streets of Maranello. That was amazing, and I thank you again for giving me that opportunity. It certainly was a highlight of my vacation. Luxury Car Tour.
All the best and hope to see you again some day!
Andrei Gudas, Sydney - AUSTRALIA

Hello Francesco my friend, Thank you for the great time you provided for myself, Wes and Wyatt. This was truly a day that will stay with us! Your insight and experience alone made the day worthwhile. I will and already have been recommending your tours to all my friends and fellow car enthusiasts!
Shalil Patidar - USA

Hi Francesco.
We're writing to thank you again for arranging some wonderful tours.
Your expertise and connections, along with your great insights & passion really made our day very very special.
Getting pick-pocketed in the Rome train station and getting our passports stolen was the lowlight of our trip (but leads to some great stories), while the day we spent with you at the various factories was clearly the highlight!
Best Regards.
Brian, Bennett, Sammy & Andrea Szames, CIncinnati, Ohio - USA

Hello Francesco,
It was so great to meet you on Wednesday, and to enjoy a wonderful day. I will remember it always as one of the best birthday presents which I have ever had!!.
I have enclosed a few of my many pictures for your records, and also please use them, if you wish, to advertise your tours. I will be very happy to be quoted.
Again many, many thanks.
God bless you, sincerely, David Bower - UK

Ciao Francesco, we have finally returned back to work after our trip overseas and wanted to send you a most appreciative email.
We were honored to be the first tour of 2010 and what a fantastic time we had. From the moment you picked us up from our accommodation to dropping us off later in the day it was a relaxed day full of surprises.
To visit the Lamborghini , Ferrari and Pagani factories all in one day was unbelievable. For me Lamborghini is my passion. The Ferrari tour was very informative and your inside knowledge was unbounded.
Nothing can prepare you for the Pagani Zonda. Surely this is bordering on an art form.
We both had a fantastic day and thanks for the stop by Mr Pavarotti’s house.
Go on this tour and have a great day.
Gracie e mille Francesco
Michael and Anna - AUSTRALIA

It was the most great experience of my life. Ferrari it's Ferrari, Lamborghini it's a dream come true, Pagani it's only for the ones that need something very special, Ducati it's for sure a hell of a ride, i feel even I'm not a biker to jump on a monster and take it to the open road, :) all great museums, all great exhibition cars. Thank you Motostars, mille grazie, Francesco sei molto grande. Thank you very much, wish you more to come, to make all us proud, to make everyone that loves cars and bikes, all over the world, happy, very very happy.
Mille grazie !
Hope to see you again.
Claudiu - ROMANIA

Dear Francesco,
We would like to thank you for a wonderful tour of the Pagani factory! It was very informative and your experiences were so interesting. Thank you also for the ride to the train station which was above and beyond what you needed to do for us. Our son was very happy we were able to get a tour.
Thank you and have a wonderful year.
Kindest regards,
Sue Swigert - USA
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